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  1. Just did a quick bit of research and the only player that fitted the criteria for the summer just been was... Raúl Albiol!!!
  2. Pipe down Le Juge, it was only intended for a bit of fun and with a pinch of salt...
  3. You absolute melt! Im just a poor student trying to see a game :(
  4. Morty I will offer you £20! Would you rather have an extra £20 in your pocket or an unused ticket? :)
  5. Anyone fancy letting me have a free or heavily discounted ticket for tonights game?
  6. ''Hughton out'' ohh behave boys! HUGHTON''S GREEN ARMY
  7. Hi sorry to be a pain, but I wondered if there is any pubs in Manchester that Canary fans go to watch the televised games? Thanks :)
  8. Im quite happy with the team to be honest. Although I agree it would be ideal to bring in a winger to cover for Bennett I dont think its a disaster if we dont :)
  9. Thought he was awesome at Barnsley, but has flopped since West Ham in my opinion. I think one of the Murphy''s could do an alright job and it would be a good way to introduce them to the first team and premier league football. Although experience may prove a hindrance. ..
  10. Well I agree that he''s not brilliant, but he''s lively and off the ball I thought he was good and could play for a championship team rather than spanish segunda, I guess he wanted to go back to spain...
  11. Okay sorry guys for my amateur mistake :( I''ll rephrase the question of who would be worth to loan?
  12. Hi there, only my second post so I''m sorry if this has already been discussed... With the loan market still open beyond tonight who do you think could come in on loan? Obviously we need a RW, and personally we still need a CAM and CB. Any suggestions? I think Toivonen could still come in on loan, seeming as a bigger club hasnt gone for him does this leave him wanting to come here? RW I just dont know. As for a CB what do people think about Nathan Ake? I think he''s class, and I know he''s only young but playing a reserved role for a PL team could do him the world of good!
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