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  1. Hughton is a disaster as a coach. Never ever a plan B never ever anything. I hope Fulham signs him.
  2. Agree with star Rudd Whittaker Cuellar Miquel Garrido O''Neil Odjidja-Ofoe Bennett Howson McGrandles Hooper
  3. And since Bassong is Hughtons boy we could get rid of him for £1-2M.
  4. Most of the posts are very diplomatic but seriosly... Hughton''s tactics are far too lame and doubtful in most ways. Though I would be happy to see him in charge for our nemesis in the past years. That would probably guarantee 6 points to city.
  5. I get a bad feeling too. We are the richest club in the championship and now I heard we''ll sell Fer for only £6M and I just feel like... let''s bring Robert Chase back... It''s just business... We have no ambitions...
  6. “You just have to have a look at things. What you don’t want to do is become fixed. Last season perhaps we weren’t flexible enough and then you become too easy to read and to deal with and teams know how you play,” said Adams. “If it is working well then of course you stay with it, but I also believe you need to have a plan B from game to game and during games as well. That served us well in the last five games of last season, albeit we didn’t win one of them, but certainly the Liverpool game we had to change it and the players were comfortable and we saw what happened in terms of the performance. We played the diamond at Fulham and it worked really good. It is important to get players who are comfortable with the way you want to play and if we come up against opposition who we feel are weak in the full-back areas then we can perhaps flatten out in midfield. Similarly if they are weak centrally we can look to overload in those areas and the diamond is an option.” That comment will do for me. More attacking football and a plan B. Yes I trust NA.
  7. No way a dutch international will play in a lower league. Hopefully we''ll cash in good and invest in some young hungry and pacey players who have something to prove. The Lambert style you know.
  8. Completely nonsense. Hoddle has always been a little odd. Excellent midfielder in his days but a little odd.
  9. Agreed. Let''s just face the facts. Das vaterland just won the world championships. Hodgson is home looking for a new job.
  10. I would not be so sure about your hat. Fer is a dutch international and if McNasty keeps cool we will easily get somewhere around £20M.
  11. [quote user="jaemae2"]yeah, you know the game that Norwich City play. Or are you unaware that people have different words for it. Do words confuse you that much? If so...[/quote] City plays foootbaalll... (at least we try)
  12. Hey children, I know it''s off-season but please behave. IMHO politics shold be dealt with somewhere else.
  13. Good lord in heaven!!! Now we are going to do it the Hughton way and sit on our arses. For heavens sake you can''t be serious!
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