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  1. Oh yea ! That''s history alright Biggest loss in the Premier League ... ever !
  2. To Morty and Fenway Indeed Fenway. Like him or not he is getting off his ar $es and trying to forget a career for himself. Perhaps his detractors are dissatisfied with their own miserable lives. I don''t think that any body is jealous of his " life" , in my case it''s irritatation at his whining because the owners of intellectual rights are stopping him from " stealing " . He has grown up in the digital age ,, it''s part of modern culture to protect what is your intellectual property .
  3. Obvious answer is for the irritating scrotum to bid alongside Sky at the next set of tenders . no ? ,,, thought not
  4. I don''t think Brighton look any better than city , and the pressure is definitely getting to Newcastle , would think it''s highly likely Huddersfield nick one of the two top spots now .
  5. Don''t know which radio you watched it on , it happened less than 20 feet in front of me r''s wipe
  6. Oh and while I am here ,, why doesn''t our northern plastic take it up with Jacob himself ? He is on here quickly enough telling the supporters what to do , maybe he should try direct instructions to the players ? Just a thought .
  7. Well actually it was Murphy doing a bad job of covering for Raresole Martin
  8. Face it , we got lucky at Wembley , great for us fans to have the day of our lives . However, the many , and unaddressed shortfalls were exposed with our short visit to the Prem. To continue withe the same clown in position of manager was foolish to say the least , the lack of necessary additions to address the shortcomings , ludicrous . Nothing will change until the summer at earliest , and only if the manager is quite justifiablely sacked .
  9. Having supported City for many years , I feel , as Ricardo does , that this is the beginning of the end ( for now ) of our higher league adventures . We have not displayed nearly enough consistency to achieve a total of points needed to achieve a playoff position . The squad is ageing and stale . It will very likely be a year or two before we seriously challenge for anything . I am not being a doom monger ,, just feel that after this seasons erratic form , the realism is chumpionship for now . That''s not all bad , we can be back to seeing plenty of goals , and more anticipation of success .
  10. I have it on good authority , that it will be split between Tom and aunty . Not sure which one will do the football .
  11. Lambert will recover and prove his unarguable abilities as a manager ,, but when he is able to do what he did with Ncfc , build a squad with hungry players . Not even Ranieri could get two years from players who feel " entitled" . The only mistake our board is making right now is to believe that "coco" Neil will ever be able to get consistent performance from our squad .
  12. He sat just in front of me ( apparently about where Hogesar now sits ) . He stopped coming because of work commitments I was lead to understand .
  13. Really ? Gutted , thought it was true ! Anyway , I did it with a girlfriend when we were about 16
  14. Was it mick jagger who allegedly ate a mars bar out of marianne faithful box ?
  15. He also said that we don''t have the players for this type of game ,, and that he had been saying that all season
  16. Looking a tough job , out of our hands now . Team just not good enough on a consistent basis unfortunately . Klose terrible again , making Russ look accomplished .
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