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  1. No ...No .... its not that .... he is a self opinionated  poster , who some , because of the way he belittles posts of anyone who disagrees with him, seem to be terrified to air their true feelings .   [quote user="Yelloow Since 72"]Or maybe he''s been following City long enough to know that knee jerk calls to sack managers after 5 games are misguided, Spartacus.[/quote]
  2. I think it is more than a bit ! But hey ! When its one of the  forum "elite" who are we to laugh at him ? Just another pile of apologist nonsense..........I actually  think ....maybe hope that we will win tomorrow .....and if we approach the game the way we did against Watford ...maybe we just might . However ... I fear we will once again set up to defend 0-0,  and once again , the sensible posts questioning how long we should wait before replacing an ineffective manager, will be  scoffed at and responded to with more snide comments from the "usual suspects " [quote user="JF"]Think this has backfired a bit![/quote]
  3. James Vaughn scored again for Huddersfield ..and missed a pen ! Last night I think
  4. Exactly this ..... even the bit about only reading the first third !     [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]I''ll admit I only read about a third of that but my humble two-pence worth is that football - at the end of the day - is an entertainment business. Pundits bang on about it being a results business and for the Man Utds and Chelseas of the world it is; ''six months without a trophy'', ''haven''t won the league in three years'' etc etc. But for a club like ours, I just want to see good football and have a cathartic experience once a week. I think we were really spoiled under Lambert - flowing football, players giving their all for the club, last-minute winners, lower-league players plucked from obscurity who turn out to be rather good, a fairytale rise from League One to the Prem etc. I have never felt such joy and pride at going to football games - both home and away - in the fifteen years I''ve been regularly following Norwich. Bizarrely I quite enjoyed our League One experience.I am just one man and realise I don''t speak for every football supporter but I do want to watch a good game of football. I also completely understand that for Hughton, his entire brief is ''keep Norwich in the Premiership'' and I cannot really blame him for his cautious approach. I am very proud to have a Premiership team however and the increased coverage and money that comes with it. However you compare us to someone like Swansea and we were always mentioned in the same breath as them in 11/12. We''re now at a stage where Swansea have continued their trajectory, and are still being cooed over by the media, but we have become stagnant and the mainstream media are now starting to notice how horribly we are playing and the poor away form.Basically football is expensive - very expensive. I wouldn''t pay a load of money to watch a play where they whisper to each other in case they lose their voices.[/quote]
  5. I actually think City 1st has made the only sensible reply to this post !! Mrs Miggins ......oh dear ..oh dear [quote user="mrs miggins"]city 1st............oh dear[/quote]
  6. Exactly this !!!!!!!!!! [quote user="zemas tendon"]As Swansea go from strength to strength, we have managed to find a backward gear, we all used to moan about the Swansea love in, but my hat goes off to them!![/quote]
  7. Sorry Mate ...you are completely wasting your time on this forum with any sort of genuine questioning of our position / status /tactics manager''s credentials on here ..... you will be shouted down by the "apologists" and the cliques of posters who all have their heads firmly buried in the sand !! I truly wish it was different ...but look at the responses that others have had ....enough to make you weep .... but well done for having a try at stating a thread .     [quote user="NCFC for life 1993-"]Some fans on here like to make the point....''look how far we have come in recent years'' and all that. Apparently we should be happy and be thankful. Lets remember we are not new to the premier league anymore. Therefore we should be going to away grounds with a little more belief. We are an established premier league team or should be. Did anyone else think that the players self belief looked non existent yesterday and when you see players on the pitch moaning at each other, that is borne out of frustration and could be beacuse of the tactics employed. We may well see cracks appearing if we haven''t already in the players morale....[/quote]
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