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  1.  I totally agree with the "pro Norwich city " as I said on another thread ..my genuine belief is that  most supporters feel the same ...the managers come and go ..good and bad ...  it just makes our green and yellow blood boil when we think that some one , be it a player or manager is letting "us " the club down . I am an optimist ,,, and hoping that the players can repeat that commitment , together with an increasing confidence ,,, who knows where we can go with it ? OTBC   [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]I''m not "Pro-Hughton" or "Anti-Hughton", I''m "Pro-Norwich City". If we can reproduce that 2nd half performance against Newcastle and Palace then I''ll be happy for him to stay on. I do not want to be seeing any repeats of the 2 Manchester visits or yesterday''s first half display any time soon.[/quote]
  2. pretty decent summary actually from what I saw ..first home game I  have missed in over two years , watched in the usa ..just like Yankee !
  3. While in essence I agree with what you have said ... I think you are greatly over egging Hughtons part in the victory . We got the rub of the green today , replays clearly show that turner kicked the ball out of Their goalies hand s, it could easily have been a free kick to them ! However , it wasn''t and the confidence returned and it came good , but probably a bit early to think we have turned any corner yet ,,, but as a city fan for 45 years ish ...I am an optimist .... and quite prepared to start feeling less tense than the last few days !
  4. I totally agree with that . [quote user="the bristol nest"]Howson was motm for me.[/quote]
  5. I think you will find if you watch the replays , that it was not Hughton that the players  ran to celebrate with , it was Bassong ! Also , even the commentators  questioned why Hooper was taken off leaving Elmander ? [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Agree with all of that Morty. Was worried about him losing the players after last week, even more so at half time, but that 2nd half performance and in particular the celebration of Fer''s goal have assured me that I was way off the mark. He got it horribly wrong in the first half, but the changes he made at half time won us the game. Credit where it''s due.[/quote]
  6.  THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         [quote user="Dubai Mark"] This is now getting worse than being tortured, how many more ways can be found to have a crack at Chris Hughton, we get it, we got it a long time ago, we understand the situation and we just have different opinions that''s all, so....    ENOUGH....I can''t take any more!!!!!  [/quote]
  7. When the manager comes out with the statement " there will be no scapegoats here " he is only trying to exonerate himself from blame ? Or , the alternative , again from implication , is that it is indeed the player/players fault .....but he will shield them from culpability ? He really doesn''t do himself any favours , his Pr is as inept as his management.
  8.  I for one don''t genuinely believe any body actually hates Hughton , but like myself , hate what is happening to the club we love , have supported for life ,  and will always support , whoever the manager is  Its an outpouring of emotion , born from the frustration of the situation nd from the seemingly inability of CH to do anything about it  I do not hate him personally , but want him gone if this is wht we are going to continue to get from him and his team ,,,,however ,, and I do not  believe it is a possibility , he turned things around ,, we progressed and did it from playing attractive football.....  then al I and I truly believe most  City fans want id relative success..its not  too important who is at the helm ! Where is the edit  button !   [quote user="Dubai Mark"]Are you sure spartacus? From some of the stuff I have read on here its pretty clear there is some hatred about towards our Manager unfortunately.[/quote]
  9.  Exactly as I said .... very aptly  demonstrating  why I  can rarely  be bothered to  post on this site .. it really is am up hill struggle ! Hey did you see what I did there ? Almost as funny as some of the posters on here ! [quote user="Warren Hill"]Do you have a contribution to make Vanwink or are you here to try and stir up some sort of aggro? You clearly rate yourself very highly, however I fail to see any input that suggests you''re anything but a troll with some mysterious axe to grind.[/quote]
  10.  Ha Ha Ha .....that was a good reply WH ................but surely  you must know that you are wasting your time on here with a reasonable and fairly sensible suggestion ? Haven''t you  drawn the conclusion that this board is "owned " by the few who have nothing  but self opinion of interest ? Pity ..as I  am with you  on this ...but constructive is never going to be accepted ....try asking the few others who try !   [quote user="Warren Hill"]Sorry Joanna, thought it might be an idea to present some sort of united voice rather than squabbling like petulant schoolchildren on a message board. I''ll put you down as a maybe..[/quote]
  11. NO ..I like being able to sit if I want to . I don''t care if people want to stand elsewhere , but don''t want to lose my seat in its present location in the Barclay . Where did the figure of 700 per 100 seats come from ? that means an all standing old Trafford would take 525,000 ! 
  12. That is the same are as me ...I heard a loud booing , both when Hooper was taken of and at the end !! Most around me were vocal about their doubts with Hughton now .   [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Where about''s do you sit Warren? I''m close to the stairwell and there were boo''s from all around me, including some from the couple behind me who go to every away game.[/quote]
  13.  That was a real b*ll end comment there !! Clueton took off our two best attacking players with 20 mins to go ...at  home ...to a team one point above us !!! He is a reincarnation of Bryan Gunn ... with a wig !   [quote user="Bristol Canary"]Yeah let''s get rid of our manager and replace him with Malky... the manager that took off two attacking players for two defensive minded players at half-time, while playing the team 3rd from bottom and the game at 0-0. The hypocrisy on this forum is unreal. Who are the genuine replacements if Hughton left??? Holloway? Malky? Pulis? O''Neil?? Eurgh, people seem to forget that we have a young but promising manager at our club who I well respected amongst the football community of which have a greater understanding of the game than most of you key board warriors. rant over and breath. [/quote]
  14. Can you read the "pink Un " website ?? Or do your eyes fail for some reason when you are in Thailand ??   [quote user="Herman "]I can''t read the LOCAL paper as I live a hundred miles away. Is it delivered to Thailand? Personally speaking I think he needs to win or more fans will leave him. But he''s not going to say that in the press is he?[/quote]
  15. You seriously thin our pathetic ( at times ) season was due to Mark Bunn being in goal ...???? It was a little bit deeper than that ![quote user="Jimmy Smith"]See how Hull deal with losing their first choice keeper, it did us in last season by in large.[/quote]
  16. Cody Macdonald !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he must have cut it himself with  kids paper scissors ! :)
  17.  I agree with this exactly ..................I really don''t get the op [quote user="Matt Juler"]My views on Hughton haven''t changed, he''s the wrong man for our club, but I can''t complain with how we played today and the changes he made.  I''d much rather go for it at 2-1 down than be content with a "respectable" defeat.What I don''t understand is why Snodgrass still starts week in, week out.  He''s not offered anything for weeks and today it really showed just how slow he is.  Redmond must be sitting on the bench wondering what he''s got to do.[/quote]
  18. You are not interested in a hierarchy of "fans " who attend games ?  You seem pretty happy with the hierarchy that exists on this forum ....in your mind that is ! Rather than accusing people of putting words in your mouth ..or being fat .... have a long look at your own posts ... both contradictory and hypercritical .   [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Doctorsleep"]OP says We need to make noise in the Barclay and get behind the boys and try make a atmosphere. Our last home game vs villa our home support was bad and out sung by villa by a country mile. Mister Chops says "My view is that supporters should cheer for their team, rather than wait for the team to give them something to cheer about." I think you have offered an opinion on the Barclay, absolutely fine, just that it tends to piss off those of us that go every week and give it a go. Particularly when the comment comes from a non attendee.[/quote]Correction - I''ve offered an opinion on supporters who attend games.  When I attend the game, I support the team. I like it when other people do likewise.  Not really interested in a hierarchy of fans, however much you want to steer the conversation that way.[/quote]
  19. Why is it that these posters who obviously have nothing more important in their sad lives than to post thousands of insults to anyone who dares to offer an opinion that does not concur with their own ? The fact that I have seats 48/49 may be because I  am obese ... and maybe I have a terrible complex about it ...then the comments made toward me are surely bullying ? whatever the truth is ,,,, I PAY FOR TWO SEASON TICKETS ..... I believe that entitles me to an opinion without insult . Only those with the lowest of respect and intellect feel the constant need to insult and abuse others ...very sad people !
  20. I don''t know where you people who constantly criticize the Barclay ,, and the support which comes from it sit yourselves,, but I  think as a pretty certain event , the noise at Carrow Road , only  comes from one end ! If as you suggest ,,, that there should be more noise ... maybe you could try causing some outside this forum ?[quote user="nutty nigel"] Yes, that''s about the size of it Mister. I think the Barclay should become the stadium version of this board''s match thread......         [/quote]
  21. Another typical put down post by one of the usual suspects !!!!!   Take a second example ....Aston Villas third goal Saturday !!   Another "crap " post then I guess Mr. Chump ?   [quote user="Mister Chops"]Although if Newcastle''s centre backs and goalkeepers had done their jobs properly it wouldn''t have been a goal and would have been easy possession returned to the away team.You can''t base your tactics on opposition players making mistakes.  Well, you can, but you may be waiting a long time.Crap post, basically.  Thanks.[/quote]
  22. For what its worth .... I think this is one of the most sensible quotes / posters on the forum right  now ! Well done mate , trying to bring some sense to polarised debates, ... unfortunately ... not many are so reasoned . [quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]You may well be right, Ricardo. That''s why I suggested that there may be those who think I''m living in cloud cuckoo land thinking it. But , if what you say is true, why bother having a fans forum next Tues ? ![/quote]
  23. Have you been in the medicine cupboard again ??   [quote user="Jonzey"][quote user="ryanncfc"]As I don''t remember too many posts from you. Stupid to compare this with clubs such as Pompey aswell, what do they have to do with how NCFC fans should feel about their own club?[/quote]Also, I''ve been posting on here since 2004, you should be more observant.Portsmouth is an example of how terrible things can get for a club. Norwich is an example of how fantastic things can get for a club. We have similar fanbases, yet look at the difference. My point is look around, appreciate it. Enjoy it. To find something to moan about right now is ludicrous. Sack the manager after 6 games because we started the season a bit slowly? Really? Do you even know how much it costs to sack a manager, then replace him and his back room staff? The money comes from the playing budget somewhere down the line. We''re talking millions. Then there''s no guarantee on the replacement. It''s stupid. Hughton is excellent at what he does. Let''s be positive and enjoy this season. [/quote]
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