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  1. Just one thing to say to you Jas ...15% and falling ! Sit down ...shut up !!! ....Please.
  2. I will renew my two ,,, and would do so all the way back to league one if it happened ,,,,,that is because I am a supporter of NCFC,,, I am not sure that you grasp that concept fully .
  3. I could never want City to lose !!! doesn''t matter what reason you give ....no true supporter can WANT his team to lose .....ever !
  4. [quote user="Davness"]I''d imagine the ''people'' he speaks of are the Cameroon selection team.[/quote] Does he think they are all blind ??
  5. I don''t know why any one even bothers to reply to LDC,, he is obviously delusional at best , ,,,,and yes it is funny if you read his first sentence in context with his lunatic like rantings ,,, maybe he should try coming to a game ?
  6. But is it a "minority " Badger ? I don''t know anyone who even thinks he deserves to be in the team most weeks . I certainly struggle to see what he offers , and we seemed to do better when he was injured . Stats as we all know , can be very misleading
  7. Can somebody tweet McNally ? Maybe he thinks Hughton is doing ok .....I want to know what he is thinking ....no win in 8 !! FFS
  8. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Barclay seats 48 49 the 3rd"]Absolutely painful to watch !! We look woeful ... Delia looked well pi**ed off .......I hope we can muster a little more interest among the players on Saturday ,,, Hughton is doing the same job on NCFC that Roeder did ! He HAS to go ![/quote]Sorry, but to compare him to Roeder is ridiculous. Roeder was a thoroughly unpleasant individual who filled our squad with appalling loan players and ostracised fans and players alike. Hughton is a manager who is too defensive and one-dimensional, but he has still kept us out of the relegation zone for the best part of 18 months and has made some very shrewd signings that I think will prove to be excellent long-term investments.It''s obvious that the team has stagnated and we''re on a downward spiral, and I took think that he has to go, but comparing him to Roeder is patently unfair. He''s a good fella who did a decent job last year, but lacks the ideas to make continued progress. I hope he leaves before he ends up being subjected to dog''s abuse, because he doesn''t deserve that.[/quote] I said that he is doing the same job of dragging the club down !!!! Not unfair at all ..I have been attending Carrow road for over 40 years ...and in all of our poor periods ,, Hughton and Roeder stand out .
  9. Absolutely painful to watch !! We look woeful ... Delia looked well pi**ed off .......I hope we can muster a little more interest among the players on Saturday ,,, Hughton is doing the same job on NCFC that Roeder did ! He HAS to go !
  10. I am just waiting to see if any of the Hughton supporters has something to say now ? Or will they dismiss PD and his article as "Pant wetting ?
  11. The article in todays "pink un" by Paddy Davitt, really does sum up the season, and to come from the local press , who have been noticeably quiet about criticising the hierarchy at Carrow Road ,, shows I think finally , and without doubt to the Hughton " in" brigade ..tht those of us on this board who want him gone ,,are far from being lonely pant wetters !!
  12. [quote user="FCC"]I believe Johnson would speak his mind, but can''t help thinking one or two others are discussing options for next season with their agents. It''s not their fight and they will sell the manager down the river. We are the new QPR.[/quote] Bassong looks like he has already left !!
  13. In my opinion its an acceptable option ...unlike disruption during the game . I am happy to spend some time after the game .
  14. This is exactly what I think .... now we are up shit creek ,,, we need McNally to give us some new oars !!
  15. [quote user="mrs miggins"]I''m suggesting if you''re not enjoying the football (although now indy has says he doesn''t go to games) and you don''t buy into what the manager is doing and you know he won''t be sacked, then why bother going. I didn''t on many occasions last season because the games were very drab, (although tactically, hughton got it right for his team at the time) though i thought we would be fine in terms of not being relegated. If you''ve supported the club for a long time, but suddenly aren''t enjoying the games and won''t for the foreseeable future, then why spend hundreds of pounds going to watch it. .....''and what a total wally''......really....you can do better than that[/quote] I believe that many like myself , who find the current exhibition of football at Carrow road less than enjoyable , continue to attend because of our life long love of the club and team . I always attend , even though most games this season and last are drab. Hughton has managed to give me the same horribly sickened feeling that only Roeder has managed before .............wether or not he gets us relegated , we will see at the end of the season , but at some time , either he will be gone or the football will improve . The club will hopefully survive him . Yes I could do better than the "wally " thing ,,, but my intention was not to be unnecessarily, offensive to you , merely to demonstrate my opinion of your claim of enjoying this years football,, in my opinion .....it is worse than last years .
  16. [quote user="mrs miggins"]well just remember indy, you don''t have to watch it, you could always give your ticket to someone on the waiting list who wants to see our football which is transforming every season, last season was boring to watch, this season i''ve loved going to carrow rd. (except norwich on boxing day which was near to the stoke game i thought)[/quote] You have loved going to every game this season ? 1) You are mentally deranged 2)You are telling a porky 3)You have never been to Carrow Road 4) You are C Hughton As for suggesting that someone who has supported the club by paying for a season ticket , should give it up because he has an opinion .... you stagger me ! What a total wally
  17. [quote user="SeattleCanary"]Whilst Bunn was great for us, I have to disagree that he should be given a go in front of JR as he is shorter. The oppo know that shooting from distance aiming for the corners he can be beaten. Apart from that he is a great shot stopper.[/quote] Last year , before the injury , I would have agreed with you ...but I sit almost behind the goal at CR,, 4 rows back , so for half the game get a real close up look at Ruddy''s performances . He seems to have lost confidence, his positioning is poor at times , and he flaps at crosses, his decision making is suffering . . For example ,,,had he stayed closer to his line against Man U....Welbeck would have had an almost impossible chance of scoring . My opinion from my observation .I used to feel totally confident in big John ...unfortunately I no longer do .
  18. [quote user="NWC"]JR thinks that Foster is England''s number 2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJyhnmRS4iwI thought that before his injury last season, Ruddy was a far better keeper than Foster. [/quote] \\\\\i think you hit the nail on the head ...Before his injury ........since his injury he looks a little less confident ..and I am probably in the minority , but have thought that Bunn should be given another go ,,, after all , he did nothing wrong while acting as stand in last year
  19. Or... I''m forever blowing bubbles ,, pretty bubbles in the air ,, they fly so high ,they reach the sky ,, then like west ham they fade and die ! Tottenhams always running ,, Arsenals running too! We''re they Norwich Barclay and we''re running after you !! Any body guess how old they are ?
  20. Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankley, have you heard of the north bank highbury? Shank says no I don''t think so . But I''ve herd of the Norwich Barclay !
  21. [quote user="morty"]We are one win away from a decent mid table position, no need to push any panic buttons just yet.People have statistically shown on here that changing your manager does not guarantee improvement.Personally, I think we''ll be sticking with what we have got, until at least the summer.[/quote] We are also one game away from the relegation positions ! What stats are these that show a new manager does not make a difference ? I must have missed it,, and would think that it is a pretty difficult thing to determine given the possible variations .
  22. Because many like me believe he should go , however , feel that our existence is somewhat fragile at the moment , have no desire to upset the status quo with the result being worse , and leave it to the board , with whom I personally have some faith , to sort it out in a correct fashion ... As for the comment on this thread that when shouting out against Hughton after yesterdays game , received some stern looks ....that would be because the crowd was largely made up of casuals who in fact have not been suffering the dire fayre served up week after week under this manager .
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