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  1. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"][quote user="Barclay seats 48 49 the 3rd"]Try going to a match ... see him in real life maybe ??/ plastic[/quote] Sorry, I hope I didn''t offend you with the midget comment. I just assumed you weren''t one seeing as you ''occupy'' 2 seats. [pi][pi][pi] [:D] [/quote] Its not big and its not clever to laugh at someones size ... big or small ! Mind you ....Silva IS a midget !
  2. I sit behind his position for half the game I also think he gave the ball away twice on the half way line ...otherwise had a very good game . I really don''t think that some of the critics on here have actually been at the match reading their comments . It looks very different from a camera , or do they watch it on the radio ?
  3. Try going to a match ... see him in real life maybe ??/ plastic
  4. [quote user="fredherring"]But if we get a result how are the "fans" who want hughton out going to cope?[/quote] You are Little D*ck Canary !! I claim my £10 !!
  5. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Mr Brownstone"]How about the players already fragile confidence taking another battering? [/quote]Personally don''t think we need to worry about the players. They are professionals and anyway have proved they can bounce back after setbacks. [/quote] Although .......on another of your threads ...you claim we (us supporters who actually attend games ) have to lift the players regardless of the sh*te they almost constantly serve up ? Surely they ,,as professionals ,, don''t need the fans to do half there job for them ?? or will they give us half their wages ??
  6. [quote user="lake district canary"]Sounds like excuses to me. Equal on points and unable to put two passes together yesterday by all accounts. We on the other hand pummelled cardiff and with a bit more luck would have won.[/quote] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! .........oh..oh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...............................................b*ll end
  7. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]I am not sure I agree with the subject title, but there are most certainly a sizeable minority who ensure they contribute negatively to the atmosphere on match days, and it is in danger of going the way we have seen it go before, and that is contributing towards impacting on the team and costing us valuable points...........many will disagree I''m sure, but its true as we have history on this. But, for me the overwhelming number of fans are decent, and like me will have a moan, but without it getting nasty or out of hand. [/quote] Sorry ?? And how is it that you know anything about matchdays ? Go to a game ...see what its like in real life ....most of us go every week and have been for years and years ...IF people wish to express their frustrations ,,, I don''t think its too much to expect ,,,,and those very same people will sing their heart out at the same time ... its a funny thing to be a football supporter ..very emotional ..very involved ....ask Robert Snodgrass...and before you make a sarcastic reply .........READ his latest summary of the little spat with fans ..
  8. [quote user="Le Juge"]"Each team can only have 2 loan players" Not true. We have three: Elmander, Guiterrez and Yobo. You can have 2 domestic loan players, overseas loan players (Yobo & Elmander) don''t count towards that limit. We can sign one more domestic loan player.[/quote] I think you missed the point of my reply Juge .... but of course you are correct about foreign loans not counting .....Elmander /yobo ... an irony there maybe /
  9. [quote user="pete_norw"]so a lot of managers getting sacked then, Sky report loads of clubs loaning not buying, so the Logic is///////////////?????????????[/quote] The logic is that we have not done any business that would cost any money !! Each team can only have 2 loan players ,, but there is still a difference between the quality of the players that can be attracted, or paid for on loan , or did you think a loan is cost free ??? Jeez ... you have to explain everything to some on here !!
  10. Good point Ginja .... but surely our current position is more precarious the last year ? Under Lambert we were practically safe if you would like to check back ,,,remember ? we used to win games then !
  11. [quote user="lake district canary"]Hokus pokus I''m afraid. If we stay up he will stay. [/quote] If that is the case LDC ,,,, and I am not dismissing the possibility completely ,,,, why have the board not backed him to strengthen our underperforming squad ? It looks like all our relegation rivals have done some shrewd business ! Hardly a whining post Dubai plastic ....posing a question and giving my opinion as to why ? Then inviting discussion ,,, not pointless replies ....no wait ,,,, of course I was expecting them ...I said as much . I don''t think that its just me and reggie who are wondering ...do you ?
  12. Looking like no real effort to sign anyone of note ,, Yobo on loan is looking a "harry Kane " type of move . Before all the whining apologists start with the " the board tried " or" there was not anyone suitable available " just look at our relegation rivals ,,, and how they have worked and who they have managed to sign . Is this a sign that Hughton is now interim until the end of the season ? Don''t want him signing players who our next manage may not fancy ? I am becoming sure that the board have a target lined up ...most likely Lennon . All my own opinion of course .
  13. [quote user="Jonzey"]Why would McNally get rid of Hoots? He''s solid and keeps us near the top of our mini league and in the money of the Premier League. Based on that he''s guaranteed his lovely seven digit bonus again this financial year end. Who gives a fig if a few fans are bored by the tactics?[/quote] That was one of the most ignorant posts put on here since wiz vanished !!! A few fans ?? Where do you live ? the moon ? No wait ... a secure unit somewhere ?
  14. One or two ,,Cardiff being one ...not sure if there was another whole game .
  15. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]In other words Tom, you''d pick the same side and setup as I already suggested but with Olsson instead of Garrido...Not sure why we needed that much text to explain it, but hey-ho [:D][/quote] Not the same team Indy .... I believe he hs chosen whittaker over martin !!!
  16. To answer your questions ,, without resorting to pointless insults , I believe that Hughton is out of his depth . The comments about not being able to get a fairly decent squad to perform ,, and to perform consistently , are spot on . Hw alo displays a complete lack of being able to read a game from the side lines and change anything to gain an advantage from a stalemate ,,, which is what we have often found ourselves in against some of the poorest premier league sides I have witnessed . For these reasons alone , the search for a new manager , who is capable of moving forwards and motivating this squad , is now imperative . That is obviously my opinion , and think that any Newcastle fans who posted that we as NCFC fans are ungrateful ....should have another look at themselves and how they behaved towards Alan Pardew last year !
  17. Sprowston is a bit of a rough area,, high crime rate ...likely to be robbed and or stabbed ,,,better take your chances in Trowse :)
  18. [quote user="LondonCanary"]Gutierrez on a half season loan is a positive move for the club but hardly a defining move towards premier league establishment.[/quote] Binner !
  19. [quote user="Tony Cottee Woz Ere . . ."]No, no, no making plans, that isn''t right! We did fantastically well to only lose 1-0 to the mighty Man Utd! We are only little ''ol Norwich after all. As a side i see Ricardo was right when he said changing managers was pointless and never works out, i mean just look at Sunderland (one defeat in eleven, carling cup final etc) and palace (risen from bottom to 16th). Terrible descision by both clubs, just imagine how much better they''d be faring had they stuck with Di Canio and Holloway................................[/quote] THIS
  20. [quote user="morty"]Disagree about Hooper, I thought he was excellent yesterday.[/quote] This as well
  21. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Thank you tilly and the gut for your considered and thought out responses... its clear you have a lot to bring to the discussion... i suggest you both bring silence...[/quote] So you think that you are making a valuable contribution to this forum Jas ?? Why don''t you get a life ?... Clughton will be gone before next season ,,, you deal with that . Why on earth do you think you have the right to suggest that supporters who don''t agree with you should not attend matches ? He is about as close to a disasterous managerial appointment as we can afford , and the sooner he is gone ,, the sooner NCFC can move forward . Do you actually attend games yourself Jas ?
  22. 100% agree with this ,,, one of our glaring underperforming areas has become RB. However , I don''t much like the comment clueless made yesterday after securing Guitierez, that other business in the market will have to wait ............I am hoping this is purely that he has been told that anything less than a win means P45 for him ,and not that for whatever reason , the club is not looking actively to strengthen.
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