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  1. But ,, kept us in it and stopped us getting another hiding .
  2. This just shows beyond any doubt that the board have completely lost the plot . The club in a downward spiral , no CEO , and the others either fauning over a failure of a manager , or off furthering their own agenda , sad times ,, I foresee a roedereque period approaching
  3. Can''t be bothered to listen ,, can someone let me know what is said about the clown ?
  4. That''s not exactly a surprise to anybody who has read any of your posts ,, we already know you are a prize tw*t, however ,, you are a pair Little Dick Canary being the other .
  5. Morty Oh and I''m in the Gulf of Mexico, so won''t be at the game, can someone proxy boo for me please? 0h! Or should I say Doh! That conjured up the image of Morty tapping away on his computer keyboard instead of keeping his eyes on the Guages , Homer Simpsonesque ! Tell us it''s not so Morty !
  6. Lord Horn (again) Well should be easy enough to get into the ground with a pitchfork and a torch as no one ever seems to have problems getting in with flares! (not the trousers) Can''t say there were many of those at the U23 game the other night, or at Wembley in 2015 nor were they there at the binner game perhaps they''ll show up at the U23 semi final against Sunderland... so they can protest about how everything is going wrong at the club Nope ,, definitely a flare at the Binner game ,, showed yourself up there to being a plastic flasher.
  7. With that comment in mind , it''s why the sentiment exists that Rowett could be the next " smug eddy" or warburton could achieve what Lambert did with us . Emotions and opinions , AN is a spent force in the parts now , sooner he is gone the better , not holding my breath though .
  8. I completely agree again Morty , but the reality with our owners and board is that they will ,, as always go for the perceived cheap option . So yes we need a manager who we all believe and more importantly the players believe can take us places , but we are almost back to the point now where we have to rebuild with a few more hungry players , unload the deadwood , and those who " don''t fancy it " , and go again with a squad that will have respect for the coaching staff , in order to have a squad capable of being promoted .
  9. Ok fair enough Morty , and I agree with you on the " couldn''t be worse ". That''s nonsense , obviously somebody could possibly be worse . Personally , I think Warburton is worth consideration , he was doing brilliantly well with a small shoestring squad at Brentford, until he was told he would not be there at the following season , unsurprisingly it all went wrong from there . But I don''t feel so dismissive of Rowett as you do , as for the suggestion of Irvine ! That gave me a shudder !
  10. As you say Morty ,, AN has experience in the premiership , that being abject failure and inability to learn from his mistakes or to acknowledge them . So rather than " poo poo " others suggestions as to a replacement for the " clown" ruining our squad currently , what do you suggest ? Or maybe who do you think would be a good replacement ?
  11. I agree with the similarities to that relegation , and I stated so a couple of months back . However , I don''t think we played " roulette" nor did we play poker , more like delia and her buddies playing gin rummy . Players bought because they fitted their own fantasy football team , rather than buying what we needed I.e. Two good CB''s and a couple of strikers . Klose has turned out to be a right " pansy" and the only two purchases of late that have looked astute in any way are Pinto and Oliviera . Naismith , Pritchard ? Sorry but both were a waste of meagre funds , Wildschut ,, too early to say , but possibly down the same route , so in summary , our two most modest spends have proved to be the best buys Could you make it up ?
  12. Zipper hits the nail on the head there . It really is only those two who achieve . The others for various reasons do not . But it''s the ones who don''t seem to care that are doing the damage , a bad game here and there is normal at any level .
  13. Oh , and while we are at it , why did you not go ? Can''t still be the distance can it ? Want my list ? Klose , f*cking useless. Martin ,, worse than Klose ,, Howson,, anonymous , again ! Naismith , unable to get out of walking mode most of the time . Dykes looks like he has had enough , only here until the end of season anyway , why should he care ?
  14. We don''t know who Jerome felt had let others down ,, but ask him ,, don''t come on here with your plastic questioning of a poster repeating what he said .
  15. Can''t believe how many of you fall for the W*nkers with the old " nod nod , taps his nose ". I know from my insider but couldn''t possibly tell sh*te . If you really think you gain kudos by these fantasy tales , maybe you need to look at yourself a bit ?
  16. Although , listening to the interview , as opposed to " reading " it and watching C J as he spoke , it could just as easily be construed as an apology for that lack of respect towards the coaching staff . I want Neil out , have never from day one , not at Wembley , never , had any confidence that he had a clue what to do , which has proved to be the case , but not holding my breath on seeing the back of him anytime soon .
  17. Hasn''t learnt a single thing since he arrived to darken our door . Sad times right now , only consolation is that he will be gone sooner rather than later now .
  18. I think one star is that record breaking score , The other was the glorious winning of the old Division One in 1962 Not sure what else ,,,, anyone ?
  19. Oh blast ! I thought when I read the headline of this thread it was a " Neil out " protest
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