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  1. Past experience and by the clubs own admission of losing out on targets f*ckwit . You made 3000+ posts and still have no knowledge about the club ? Ffs
  2. It was clearly stated by Ed Balls ( not that his history makes it believable) that with the new " structure " in place, the search and appointment of manager would be next on the agenda . That alone can seem a little depressing , knowing how our club seem to consistently lose out on targets to others who are more enthusiastic about getting the right man . Having said that , I would happily wait for the end of the season to get somebody like Gary Monk . We don''t ought to hold our breathes though
  3. Money ball and not accepting it was the reason he got sacked from Brentford
  4. Just sacked by olympiakos ,, could be another one like the Hull manager
  5. I also think red was harsh ,Emnes made far too much of it , the physio running on made it dramatic . Watched it over and over on replay , full speed and slow motion , ref got it wrong . He had a clear view , but his history with us always dictated that this would happen , as with the yellows and random free kicks he awarded to Blackburn throughout the game . Worst thing is we now have little chance to see much more of Djykes .
  6. Go ''s Beard : Sorry but today was one of the few games where you had be there to comment . The atmosphere was odd, the reactions extreme and when we walked out the fans in the Barclay and on the trains were as one - aiming the fault at the board not Irvine . The strangest game I have been too in many years . I suspect you had to be there to feel it . Spot on ! I am reading down this thread with all the wisdom from the non attendees,, full of knowledge ,, know nothing . I have said it so many times before ,,, get your selves along to Carrow Road ,,, it''s not the same as on the wireless
  7. So if the unrest in the changing room was a factor, is Irvine immune from that feeling ? Will the dropped players get a return , and should they , or do the youngsters get a go now ?
  8. Wanted him sacked as I sat in a bar outside Wembley, never thought he was the man to give us a successful premiership run . Good riddance , don''t dislike him like Roeder, because AN was just deluded , and the stupid board were bewitched by him . Onwards and hopefully upwards ,, wait ,, the board are still here
  9. A Norwich City supporting horse went into a bar , the barman asked " why such a long face "
  10. I have lost my pitch fork , I think I left it at St.Andrews hall
  11. I keep getting a banner across the top of the page here that says " nobody should pressure you to send a nude picture" It''s just making me want to post one even more
  12. Vlad666 There''s only one direction we''re going under Neil and that''s downwards. We can''t give him any more money to waste. I wouldn''t trust him to go out and buy a pint of milk. He''d probably come home with an ironing board and pair of shoes. Next season we need 2 left backs, 2 centre backs and a right back just to sort the defence. As Neil likes to buy defenders who can''t actually defend, we need to act now and get rid. Nothing about youngsters but made me laugh
  13. Just came to me ,, a bus ,, then we can park it . Better than what we currently are doing ,, more like leaving a couple of old bike frames to do the job of a bus !
  14. Maybe with Tettey Howson and Jerome the only ones apart from MC Govern who were in a position to stop the shot we can narrow down to them the blame ?
  15. I also run my own business. If someone suggests that I am not performing to the best of my ability , or not to the satisfaction of my clients , then I try to listen and effect change . So should the board , look at the past record over the not inconsiderable last two years , pretty dismal . Time for change , sack the clown of a manager and get a new one who might just know what he is doing and how to MANAGE! Ffs ,,, good job I don''t need to shop at your place .
  16. These days you don''t want or need a rolls Royce. We don''t need £300k A modern fuel efficient model can be bought and perform the same task ( riding up and down the road with your mates looking at you ) for around £30k ,, and have some style. But , you have to realise that is possible , realise too that times have changed in every respect . Now, where do I start on a football club ?
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