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  1. Any defender who doesn''t get a few "reds " isn''t trying hard enough in my book .
  2. They would be thinking " f*cking nice one !! Can''t do worse than these Scottish clowns have been doing , I''ll look the dogs nuts with a couple of away wins !!"
  3. So none of you consider Oliveira to have been worth the money ?
  4. Current position is the only one where he has shown anything other than mediocre results . No thanks .
  5. @ Lappinitup Bomber wrote: Like I said it ain''t gonna happen It''s a bummer Bomber......... I don''t think you can say that ,,, I think you have to say " gay"
  6. This Is not part of a long term strategy formed before Moxey came in that''s for certain ,but formed since he left and the subsequent sacking of AN . To claim anything different is ignoring facts , and given positions , Unless of course Moxey was only supposed to be here for six months ?? Because it''s not what he said when he arrived . Hastily thought up ,, with the outright aim of saving money , that''s not to say it won''t work , hopefully with the right personnel it will.
  7. @Flashman I still have my ticket £5 Watford away in 72 lives long in my memories Did you run up the pitch at the end Flashman ? I did ,, was bloody soaked ️
  8. @LC&GC Nope. I''ve Never forgiven him.... Funny that ,, biz I was thinking exactly the same thing
  9. Or, the lack of oppositional posts may be due to the fact that those who don''t agree, can''t be bothered to rogue with someone like yourself who thinks without fail you are correct , asserting what you project is fact . Btw you aren''t pippi long stockings .
  10. The problem here is that a large number of supporters have little or no faith in the board due to recent experience , and to be quite honest , although I agree if it takes time to find the right candidates , then time must be taken , it''s pretty par for the course with our club to create a shambles . I also agree that this is no a part of any plan that existed before the sacking of the Scottish clown .
  11. Actually very easy to argue about ,, recent history suggests that if you get promoted with a Scottish clown as manager , you are on a hiding to nothing . But of course it would be the cheap,option ,, please no .
  12. Sorry ,, you lost me ,, could you go over that again ?
  13. @ldc Indeed. I like the look of it. People on the board who are fans, Ed Balls also a smooth operator and a good spokesman and the board can ensure the smooth running of things behind the scenes while the footballing side can be run by professional sports people. What''s not to like? You really are a clueless fool . Do you honestly have so little to do with your sad life that this is your best go at winding up the other posters on here ?
  14. Still a chance of play off , extending the season a little , and the club has announced that the structural changes are underway , try being optimistic , it works towards making your life more enjoyable !
  15. It''s great that some of you can get up,this morning and all you can think is something negative Maybe you should be looking at the other parts of your life ?
  16. What better gesticulation than Russ ! By the way ,, they are losing
  17. Maybe the plan is to wheel someone out at the match Saturday ?
  18. Renewed both of mine ( obviously need two seats for my frame ) , but until AN was sacked , was actually beginning to wonder why I do it to myself
  19. For those on here saying. That because Rudd doesn''t get into our team he must be rubbish . How do you equate that to Naismith being in our team regularly, or indeed many other personnel decisions ? I think Rudd is equal to Ruddy in most departments , as is Mc Govern, just that the management has had its favoured players . I would be happy to have him back her inplace of Ruddy if he were to leave .
  20. Was chatting to An ex player yesterday at the barbers , he said he was really surprised how poor Klose had been this year, and we came to the same conclusion , that it was after he was beaten up by Ricky Lambert ,, never the same player again . We would get a better defender from League one or the champs imo, and for less than half we paid for him .
  21. Biz she was a sh*t coach of the ladies team . Massive improvement since she was quite rightly sacked .
  22. I made this suggestion a few days ago ,, not sure it is so unrealistic . If he has aspirations to come to England , as many do . Did well at olympiakos , sacked while top because a rival was too close in the table
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