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  1. No doubt that certain players are receiving obscene amounts of money compared to us in the general public . However , I firmly believe that a lathe amount of what is attrubuted to the wages column is being trousered by the owners . Why else would they not want to sell ?
  2. Like I said , it''s all about opinions . In my mind , he is part of what has been perceived as the " premier league quality squad" What none sense that turned out to be . I go to every home game and some away games , and do not believe that he is irreplaceable, and certainly not an absolutely integral part of our teams success .
  3. Other people''s opinions are not rubbish . We all watch the same player , but seemingly are feeling differently about his value to the cause . I will say again , if we were to be offered a decent price , get shot . He has been part and parcel of the last two years failures, he is not exempt , nobody has been knocking the door down trying to buy him up until now ,,, why is that I wonder
  4. If you get sacked from your job , told that you are no longer needed and that you don''t need to come to work for the last few days of your contract , it''s not much surprise if you take time off ! Having said that , Rob Butler tweeted that he thought that the released players were in fact at Colney , but trained away from the squad . Typical hypocrisy from this forums posters
  5. I personally don''t get the idolisation of JH . In and out of games , one good one in four at best . If anybody wants to pay for him , I think it would be good business . The telling fact is that nobody seems to have made any fuss publicly of wanting to buy him up until now .
  6. Scoring plenty of home goals is fine . Many came in a high scoring game interspersed with many poor games. If Webber wants the fans to give their all regardless of what the team is doing , maybe a reciprocal action of appreciation ? Something along the lines of the B&B show "4 in a bed " or something like that . Where you are told the going rate , but pay what you feel your stay was actually worth . Plenty of games this season with little or no gate revenue might have brought a sharper focus to the management on how important it is to actually entertain , in what is after all a, an entertainment business.
  7. So , in conclusion , after reading this thread , I would be far more accurate in my opinions if I stop attending every home match , and a selection of away games , and watch from my wireless . Time to ban the plastics ,, build a bonfire mother ! Get my pitch fork
  8. You have been warned before plastic , you are not entitled to an opinion as you only watch on the radio , excusing this "due to distance " , unless it happens to be a fixture near to where you live ,,, then there will be a different reason not to attend . Now stop it or I will have you banned .
  9. Nice to see @nat-canaries bring a bit of sense to pretty dim witted post .
  10. Intrinsic part of the Scottish clown collective . Of course he is partly responsible , together with AN he has helped our squad decline to a disorganised rabble with no confidence and very little enthusiasm for the job. Should have gone already , new ideas needed now more than ever after 2 seasons of failure .
  11. Don''t encourage him Baldyboy , he is a plastic troll trying to get a rise out of real fans .
  12. Spot on Ricardo , 3 players who didn''t embarrass themselves, Tettey, Djikes and Pinto . Likely that only one of those at best will be with us after the summer . Shameful display , thank goodness only two more at home ! Any stoutvsole who travels to see us lose between now and the end of the season should get a medal
  13. @ hogarse No. But I am saying your opinion is f*cking stupid and devoid of logic and facts. Nice ! So as you claim to sit just in front of me , you didn''t see RM watch the ball drop over his head to the feet of Matt Smith ? Luckily , Smith fluffed it and Klose cleared from Ruddy save with his shin . Russell Martin is just as bad as Klose and Bennett ,, Turner,, Bassong ,, the only question is , why have we persisted for so long with this weak and pathetic defence ?
  14. Well F*ck me , potentially a Pots and some of you have so little knowledge that you come on here to slate him ? Some of you key board warriors should try getting to Carrow Road and watching a live game ,, it''s not the same as watching the TV .
  15. We all have to remember that Ldc sits in his bedroom tugging himself and starting stupid threads, doesn''t actually attend matches , but forms his opinion from watching his wireless , humour him or ignore him , but don''t encourage him
  16. So ,, in summary , if we wait , lose every game , continue to ignore fringe players next season everything will be ok and after three years of our board ignoring common sense totally , they will suddenly see the failings of their set ways , and everything will be mended . That''s a relief , because I thought it might be more complicated than that .
  17. @plastic frank You can guarantee that after our first defeat next season someone will be on here claiming that it hasn''t worked. Why so negative frank ? Why do you presume automatically we will lose next season ?
  18. We have already lost out ! No promotion , no playoff place , and players sending themselves to the fringes of the club . Keeping Irvine was a stupid mistake , the problems that are festering at the club have not diminished , AN was the head of the snake , the body is wriggling away still.
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