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  1. Any more to add Hogsarse ? If not I shan''t reply next time .
  2. For what it''s worth , an excellent post . No ranting , just observation , and using knowledge gained from what we have been watching . Spot on in my opinion , I hope Farke is as astute as we need him to be . We need another striker and CB no doubt about that . Seriously think that Gunn is well off Declan Rudd too , but like I said on another post , De Gea also looked carp to begin with .
  3. @Daly 100%agree with you on that , don''t think his movement is great , and opinions are being clouded by sentiment . But, early days , David de Gea looked sh1 te when he was first at Man U
  4. We should have kept Declan Rudd . Better all round keeper .
  5. Second goal came from a Dangerous two footed off the ground tackle from Franke, easily could have been a red , and not really necessary even to go to ground at that point , the resulting free kick was where the goal came from . From where I was sitting , block E, I thought Gunn could have done better , at least attempted to save .
  6. I have I follow on my I pad , but can''t seem to get it to work , or , as is likely I am missing something . Click on the app and open , match on top of the page , click on " live on i follow" goes through to another box saying "i follow" but clicking this takes me through to the normal booking tickets page ?
  7. IMO the forum is better without Morty on here , but I actually quite liked him in a Talk Sport sort of way . KS one word reply should be taken as the purile humour it was intended to be ,, i.e. Get off your PC high horse for f*ck sake . LDC clashed with Morty through his own form of trolling , deliberately controversial statements , and the endless endorsement of a lost cause . The increasing diversity on the site , and hopefully a new era of excitement and success will only serve to expand the number of regular posters and positivity , along of course with genuine criticism when warranted ,, which should not be instantly denigrated .#otbc
  8. It''s not Glen self , I was really good friends with him at that time , I recognize cheesley and hansbury Paul Kent had injury problems , he now has a hairdressers at the bottom of Ketts Hill , been around there for years after having a shop on Dereham Road .
  9. Definitely positive. Great to see a real shake up . It''s not what we know ,, but what we feel. I am feeling this could be another " Lambert" type era. New blood combined with stalwarts who want to be here and play . I am excited about the new season , bring it on otbc
  10. RM is an inherent part of the problem at Ncfc over the last couple of seasons . Anybody who claims to sit in the front of the Barclay and continues to defend his woeful attempts at being a CB , needs to come clean and admit that they watch from the radio . You know who you are .
  11. Ffs Got ourselves another sick note ?? We have had more than our fair share of these over the last 6/7 years , signings who never or rarely got to play . Butterfield , Jarvis , Mulumbo, Odija Ofoee, James what''s his face , the " striker" Any more ?
  12. Talk sport tweeted this week about how pathetic their shirt stars are ... really took the p*ss!!
  13. @GJP Thought Maddison was actually not particularly good when he came on for the last 20 against QPR. Totally agree , in fact looked lost and out of his depth .
  14. I wouldn''t want Wagner ! Since Webber left Huddersfield, they have been sh*te , wasn''t that the first win in about 5 games ? Didn''t take much for things to go south , looking at the teams in the playoffs it just shows what a wasted season and missed opportunity Ncfc have just had .
  15. @fenway Shame we didn''t get " 6 foot 2, eyes of blue, Duncan Forbes is after you " We did
  16. I think it''s both gratifying and important to bring some youth through , but we shouldn''t expect more than one or two a year imo . I say this while having the extra £18 or whatever it is taken along with the payment for my season tickets , and truly hope that our academy is not a waste of time and money , Southampton have been successful in using their system to bring in a pretty good revenue stream , which has massively contributed to their establishing themselves in the EPL
  17. Exactly my thoughts Til , most of what is written is either nonsense or stating the obvious . Unfortunate product of a digital age , amateur sports reporters . Very amateur !
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