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  1. Watkins was absolutely Farkin carp on Saturday worst player on the pitch by a country mile . Possibly through lack of playing time , but against Wolves is not the time to take that chance .

    Marvellous how the armchair fans always pick someone who is not playing as if they will be the saviour ,, get along to some games and try to get a feel of things ? Just a thought .

  2. I can''t believe how some on here say that they are " just another club down the road" or that it''s " just another game " probably many who don''t often or ever go to a game , let alone a Scum derby game .

    Typical of today''s liberalist snowflake society ,, YOU get a grip , take a side ffs.

    πŸ’›πŸ’šβš½οΈ#otbc#ncfc #ctid

  3. TIL 1010 wrote:

    Loathe and hate them with a passion. No desire whatsoever to set foot in Scum Central other than for the derby game. Never watch them on the tellybox unless they have been soundly beaten. Nothing worse than spotting a Scum shirt on holiday. Could not even contemplate them in The Premiership. Nothing better than seeing a grown Scummer cry after we beat them.

    The list is endless.

    ^^^^^^This with bells on

    Despise the disgusting scum

  4. I am pretty sure Klose has been studying old footage of Gary Doherty ! Either that or someone has had a word , excellent today , launched the ball into the stands when necessary , none of the previous dangerous dribbling out of his own area , good defensive performance from all today .
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