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  1. Barclay seats 4849 the 3rd wrote: I am a real fan I renewed both of mine , now where is that Little Dick Canary fellow ? Are you really that fat? Wink [;)] Big Smile [:D] Is that a hate crime now ?
  2. I am a real fan I renewed both of mine , now where is that Little Dick Canary fellow ?
  3. A few years back my daughter worked with him at a sport so agents in London , she used to call him “ lovely Cyril” RIP
  4. Amazing ! Reading all the reports on players by the armchair radio supporters Oliveira played as well as anyone on FRIDAY night hogsarse . Jerome out injured , a fact you hVe all obviously missed . Give me Christmas strength , see you all at Burton # otbc
  5. Watkins was absolutely Farkin carp on Saturday worst player on the pitch by a country mile . Possibly through lack of playing time , but against Wolves is not the time to take that chance . Marvellous how the armchair fans always pick someone who is not playing as if they will be the saviour ,, get along to some games and try to get a feel of things ? Just a thought .
  6. Some of the posts on here are about as believable as the referee performance . Why make it up ? Nothing to be seen here , move along .
  7. I can''t believe how some on here say that they are " just another club down the road" or that it''s " just another game " probably many who don''t often or ever go to a game , let alone a Scum derby game . Typical of today''s liberalist snowflake society ,, YOU get a grip , take a side ffs. ️#otbc#ncfc #ctid
  8. He is simply benefitting from the lessons he learned at our expense. Good shot from the man with the clapper .
  9. TIL 1010 wrote: Loathe and hate them with a passion. No desire whatsoever to set foot in Scum Central other than for the derby game. Never watch them on the tellybox unless they have been soundly beaten. Nothing worse than spotting a Scum shirt on holiday. Could not even contemplate them in The Premiership. Nothing better than seeing a grown Scummer cry after we beat them. The list is endless. ^^^^^^This with bells on Despise the disgusting scum
  10. Photo on twitter showing his foot touching at point of release . Some posters on here are miserable muppets . Or a binner ??
  11. Miami ,, I lived there for a bit Bangkok ,, my missus is from there Palma Mallorca
  12. Exactly my concerns , parking is a nightmare around there , and didn''t much fancy walking around north London with the missus late at night , bought tickets on cabbage travel .
  13. What? Safri''s wasn''t even the best goal in that game, good though it was. Ashton''s stunning header from an equally stunning Helveg (yes, indeed!) cross was absolutely outstanding. Sorry, the boy Ashton etc Wasn''t the ball in from David Bentley ?
  14. I don''t often find myself agreeing with Dean C''s Boots , but you hit the nail on the head there! Love the "wisdom" projected by plastics and those that "claim to sit in the front of the Barclay
  15. I am pretty sure Klose has been studying old footage of Gary Doherty ! Either that or someone has had a word , excellent today , launched the ball into the stands when necessary , none of the previous dangerous dribbling out of his own area , good defensive performance from all today .
  16. Maybe if you find this type of statistic interesting , you should get out more ? Maybe try a real game ?
  17. Wolves fans on twitter p1ssing their pants thinking they will sign Nelson
  18. I was pretty sure that I read in the Times interview with Delia , that she said that investors had enquirer but had been turned away ? As for Lake dick canary visiting out city more than most , how does he get here ? Most come on unbroken dual carriageway all the way from London or Cambridge , don''t really see infrastructure has much to do with anything .
  19. @mastoola we also have our two best midfielders injured. Thompson and pritchard Thompson ?? Are you f*cking serious ?? Binner
  20. To balance that , when none of your players are even close to the box , was the best decision to fire the ball in for a far side throw in ? Better decisions from Josh are needed at times , same thing against QPR , hopefully coaching will get him there .
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