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  1. Just because a player isnt deemed good enough to mount a promotion push, doesnt mean they shouldn't be handled in a professional manner. Being told not to contact any of the first team squad is excessive. This all as backlash to the last 10 games of the season where no norwich player (other than, arguably, Tim Krul) can argue they gave a good account of themselves. I back Farke and Stuart, but in this respect I am very disappointed.
  2. Does this mean we can add chronic inability to get a shot on target to the growing list of Long Covid symptoms?
  3. Surprising to see that so many people on here think Buendia's 'attitude' outweighs the quality he brings to the team. He is worth his weight in gold, even on a day like he retained possession in situations which any other player would have lost the ball. However, we cannot rely on one player. We've got to see more of Idah and Hugill, Pukki really seems to lack confidence at the moment.
  4. is max incapable of whipping a ball in?? Many a chance to cross has been wasted on the right. No point in this possession stuff anymore as its clearly not working. If we can train players to play with a bit of urgency we could be lethal on the counter attack
  5. I must be one of the few to think Mclean has been one of our top performers this season to date, but then admittedly i havent seen as many games as I'd have liked. I was also crying out to give Mario a chance as he offers something different. Unfortunately Mario looked completely off the pace (understandably) against spurs. At this stage of the season you have to by form, and when McLean came on he played some fantastic balls and ultimately gave us more impetus in key areas. Spurs game aside, I love Kenny's positivity driving with the ball from deep, the complete opposite to someone like Leitner's 'stats-based' approach of sideways and backwards passes
  6. God forbid anyone stands up at an AWAY GAME!!! the world's gone nuts football is all about passion, energy, euphoria...... as others have said, it's not the ballet! OTBC
  7. fantastic performances from a number of players, not least Amadou and Tettey at the back. My MoM would have to be McLean. He looked comfortable and played some nice balls through the lines. Onel looking good too!
  8. sorry to be naive but which stamps are we referring to? only one Mings stamp i can recall and that was the one on Oliveira while he was on loan at Reading?
  9. Had quite a few joining so its definitely right. Dont know what to suggest. Have you tried turning computer off and on again?
  10. For anyone who dabbles in the classic fantasy footie (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/) ....I have set up a Pinkun League! THE CODE TO JOIN: jylsun just a bit of fun, no money involved Ta
  11. I am in total agreement with Stuart Webber's approach to transfers, and spending silly money will not guarantee we stay up. However, as well as the CDM position which arguably needs strengthening, I strongly believe we need an attacking midfielder, of the creative variety, for us to stand a proper chance of staying up this year. We saw towards the back end of last season that with Buendia suspended, we really struggled (from memory we drew 3 or 4 on the bounce). So, an attacking midfielder to bolster the squad? Personally, I would opt for Alex Pritchard as a known quantity, though I appreciate this is unlikely in light of his forced exit and Farke's emphasis on team spirit. Thoughts?
  12. [quote user="vos"]For me Leitner plays too many short "nothing" balls to colleagues who are no better placed. Needs to be far more creative and find players in space.Also needs to get forward in to the box a lot more.[/quote] I agree with this. Whilst you expect it from Tettey, it can be painful seeing leitner pass backwards and sideways rather than exploiting space on the counter. For me Leitner seems like an ideal man to have once we are in a winning position, but I''d sooner have Vrancic if we are looking for a goal. Certainly this was my opinion during the Stoke game.
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