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  1. I''m not sure, think it''ll be close & can defo see goals being scored so worth a punt!!
  2. William Hill, Fer first scorer & a 2-1 Norwich win is 80/1!! Also offering 5/1 for RVW anytime & Norwich win!
  3. Morning chaps. Been a reader on here for several years now, finally decided to join. Anyway was just wondering what people think about us defensively? I still think we''re short another quality Cb. Bassong is class, & will always play when fit. Turner is the best of the rest for me. I like Russ there but think he is prone to switch off, & young Bennet is more for the future. I''d have loved us to move for Caulker but he''s gone now. What does everyone else think, & who if anyone should we move for?
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