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  1. Perhaps I was being too skeptical! It just seemed odd to me to tweet that unprompted rather than after a solid win/great match etc. I do love the mans positivity
  2. Does anyone else find it odd how before he moved to Norwich he barely used it at all, and now he posts almost every day. Do you think maybe a little side note in his contract to tweet about Norwich more to help him become a cult hero. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but this last out of the blue tweet made me think that McNally might be feeding him a few words! Here it is: @RvWolfswinkel9 1m So happy being in Norwich and playing for @NorwichCityFC My toe is much better and looking forward to the next game
  3. I would agree with this and maybe then replace him with Hooper/RVW if things aren''t going too well (obviously depending on who starts up top. I would bet my house on him starting tonight.
  4. oh come on when have you ever seen a manager march down the touchline and shout at the penalty taker in front of 27,000. And as if other players would have stepped in, when Snodgrass picks the ball up and looks that determined then the players expect him to stick it away. It seemed very obvious to me by Hughton''s post match comments and the more recent comments today that he had selected RVW as penalty taker but Snodgrass picked up the ball instead. Hughton was never going to come out and say it straight because he wouldn''t want to look like a fool with Snodgrass paying no attention to his tactics. I can''t believe that every single negative thing that happens is immediately attributed to Hughton in one way or another. Unbelievable.
  5. there are still sensible people on this message board then
  6. I don''t understand any of this on the beach nonsense we had nothing to play for just like Man City, we were already safe what a ridiculous argument.
  7. Judging by the Villa and Tottenham games Elmander can neither win nor hold the ball and I''ve yet to see him have a solid shot on goal in the prem (I can only remember his weak passback against Tottenham, maybe I''ve forgotten one?). Wolf might struggle against the physicality of Stoke so think Hooper might be better suited or stick them both up front and go **** or bust! (As long as Wolf isn''t injured).
  8. First of all saying Hooper looked deadly in pre-season is a bit of an overstatement. He looked half decent probably on a par with Vaughan''s pre-season last year. Also many people wanting both Hooper and RVW involved yet still trying to push them into the 4-2-3-1. Surely if we play both why not just revert to 4-4-2 and have them both dropping deeper to collect the ball alternately when it''s convenient? It would make them harder to mark and give two different threats upfront.
  9. "if we are not assured of safety by April at the very latest we will not be safe" Stupidest sentence ever which I guess tells the story of the rest of this OP
  10. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]it seems that within football now, its a sign of blasphemy or outdated tactics to play 442!.......but there are still occasions where it necessary to play it (like having a man advantage over a newly promoted team for over an hour). it seems that for the sake of about 6 yards, a 2nd striker playing behind a main striker is acceptable in modern day football, but playing 2 alongside each other isn''t? its rather pathetic...the point of playing a 4411 is that the support striker drops back to act as a third midfielder. If however you''ve got 2 strikers on the pitch ie RVW and Hooper, then bloody play them as 2 strikers in a 442 and call it what it is................this formation afterall has been played for 30 odd years? for what its worth however I''m not overly sure that RVW and Hooper appear to be a comfortbale duo? Elmander + one of them seems a better combination. [/quote] completely agree
  11. Very few of these Hughton outers after the Everton game. Everyone seemed generally pleased. This one game has sent people into meltdown its beyond ridiculous. Poor game, poor performance, and not necessarily the right tactics but people wanting Hughton gone when he didn''t have a number of his key players at his disposal, it''s unbelievable. I expect a much better performance against Southampton, with Bassong and Snodders starting and Fer playing in his natural position we will get a result and then the Hughton outers will have to bring out more excuses i.e. the players created there own tactics during the pre-match huddle
  12. "it''s one game. it went wrong, we move on and look for improvement. we finished 11th last season. go and support villa if you miss lambert so much." THIS
  13. 4-4-2 may not be any more attacking than other formations but people saying it is outdated is ridiculous. Having two strikers not only allows one striker to create space/a diversion for the second striker, as another body to mark, but it also allows for two various options/passes rather than one to pick out for the creative player. Additionally it is likely that with two strikers you have two very clinical finishers rather than one and therefore those upfront who do take shots are more likely to score. Of course this formation does require two quality all rounder type centre-midfielders who must be creative by threading pinpoint passes, have good awareness to spot the runs and tackle hard when it counts, which is why it worked so well for Man City. Don''t think we have the midfield yet to play 4-4-2 but Fer is one step closer perhaps.
  14. Apologies, I assumed the fairer sex would not bother with this ''point scoring'' garbage ;)
  15. I can assure you I am not one of the hounders of the original post, although I did assume it to be BS but couldn''t be bothered to call it. I agree that the initial desire to get one up was from the aforementioned posters, and so this thread highlights the superiority complex so abundant on this messageboard. People must remember that ''winning points'' on this messageboard will not buy them a house or find them a wife. Still I don''t wish to be hated before I''ve even started so will leave it there. OTBC and best wishes to EB and his recovery.
  16. I can''t believe the response from these giddy schoolgirls who were indeed right about some awful news, and yet completely disregard Elliott Bennett''s injury and use it as a way to gleefully express their superiority over some very mild questioning of the original post.
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