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  1. what did I tell you after the hull game...a leopard doesn''t change its spots. Hughton just does the same god awful tactics over and over again and never learns! HE HAS TO GO!
  2. I must say that too many people are clutching at straws a bit after the game yesterday. I went myself and i must say i was impressed with the attacking prowless on display. It was a good result too. However it was against league 2 opposition. We should not get too confident. Can anybody remember last season AT ALL? Game after game of bore draws and all the time people saying "it will change". It never did did it? So why should it change now? I bet to all of you that hughton will set up a team with negative tactics popped into their heads and the same crap will be repeated. I dont know why. Hughton doesnt seem to think in the same way that us fans do. Maybe he thinks that the hull result was ''close''. Maybe he thinks that after bury we let in too many goals and should be more defensive? I hope im wrong, but mark my words...i fear the worst.
  3. A pretty poor performance??? somebody didnt see the match??? Stop defending this trash!
  4. absouletly gobsmacked by todays performance. Starting off with howson as a winger??? No ollsson???? Clueless! We were playing against hull for gods sake! Not man u! We should of exploited there weak defence but instead we just sit back and pass and pass and pass. No, this is enough now. This is too pessimistic and negative and im getting sick of it now! Its having an effect on the players too. Holt said he left because of negative tactics, bassong mentioned how they play defensive and this is a joke. The squad looked promising but of course the potential is wasted because our 8 MILLION POUND striker was invisible today. Same goes with fer. Rant over and please give feedback.
  5. Morty please stop this bullying and harrassing. It seems like your out to get lake district in most threads he comments on. everybody calm your tits down.
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