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  1. Kenny Jacket, resigned NOT pushed, big pal of Jez Moxey. You could put 2 and 2 together and make 4, then again it could make 5
  2. Naismith and Pritchard should go in Jan so we should bring him back
  3. I see Norwich ladies won today, just a thought !
  4. You were saying ? GOAL (Assombalonga) Ipswich 0-1 Nottingham Forest Posted at 1 min That didn''t take long! Ipswich fall asleep at the back, and Ben Osborn slides a perfect pass through to Britt Assombalonga, who slots the ball low into the back of the net with his left foot. The home fans are stunned.
  5. Chairman ant team prancing about. We need leadership not excuses
  6. Any idea if there will be a stream ? I think Celtic V Aston Villa was live on Celtic TV
  7. A name from the past ,Ipswich after him !!! Nottingham Forest, Ipswich Town and Brighton and Hove Albion are chasing Pisa''s 29-year-old former Derby County striker Arturo Lupoli. (Gazza Mercato via Derby Telegraph)
  8. Yes Yorkshire, Saturday is very important, its the last game before a 14 day fixture break which would give the board time to find new man and get him bedded in
  9. Looks like a choice of streams today http://liveonsat.com/los_soc_br_eng_ALL_exEPL.php.
  10. [quote user="lake district canary"]Let''s try again. To go along with his bar - McNally''s bar[/quote] Oh you are naughty but I like it.
  11. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard "]Bromsgrove to Kiddy is a kinder trip for you than us! Perhaps he doesn''t want too many NCFC fans turning up?[/quote] Yes 15 mins away, I for one wish him well, he did a good job for us at difficult time,
  12. Not sure if its common knowledge but I am reliably informed the David McNally is opening a restaurant in Bromsgrove Worcestershire. His pay off should come in handy. Good luck to him I say
  13. only "confirmation" i can see is this Tweet from Football factory, they seem certain.................................... Great news hot off the presses from our man, Jack, at the Football Factory. Next week we are on the telly box…TWICE! Tuesday’s cup game v Leeds is LIVE at 2.45pm and the game against Brighton on Saturday 29th is also LIVE at 11am (clocks change)
  14. Don''t worry, our cup squad will see us to the final, and our main squad will win the Championship.
  15. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]If you get there nice and early, park for free over the road where the industrial units are[/quote] Keep a tit lip
  16. I try to arrive in the fine city about 12.30, always get in ok and park for quick get away as its a 3.5 hour drive home
  17. [quote user="GJP"]Some others like Mark Rivers and Darel Russell talk about "us" and "we". Bryan Gunn talks about Norwich City. Eadie is a bit like that too.[/quote] Yes one of us and one of them
  18. Lost count of the number of times he has refered to Norwich as US,
  19. Think we should also do away with offside, also should be able to barge the goalie into the net just like the good old days.
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