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  1. yeah but If it was already on beam back they must be paying for licence, and for distant non 3 pm ko it could be worth a try
  2. Its about time clubs started doing P P V streams via club website, should be a few 1000s who would pay £5 to £10 per game
  3. What are your match day routines ? here is mine for normal 3 pm K O. Leave house (Worcestershire) about 9, pick up two GrandKids about 9.30, M42, M6, A14 with a stop off for bacon sandwich about 10 45. arrive County Hall car park about 1pm, head down to Nandos or other "exciting" eateries on Riverside. 2pm Into Yellows for a pee and a Pint before heading for seats about 2.40 At end of game race up to car park in hope of quick exit before racing home usually arriving about 8.30 to 9 depending of car park exit time. Is it worth it ? a few times this season I have asked myself !
  4. MORTY WROTE "Eat in Delia''s after the game? Or Yellows, if your kids are younger and more likely to like a burger?" That was what we have done in past for midday KO but as its one of their birthdays they fancy something different , they would also like to see any presentation etc. only menu showing is Bar menu,
  5. Normal match days (3pm ko ) we eat on riverside before game and at end of game race back right away as its usually 3 to 4 hours from leaving car park. For the Ipswich Game 12 noon K O, I plan to take my 2 grandsons (both 18+) to Gunn Club as a one off treat . Question what is food choices after game, the only menu I can find on website is Pre match Also does the pass give you admission before AND after game Any advice appreciated.
  6. VanWink wrote "As a spectator did you get the perception that we had a greater physical presence on the pitch? How did Pinto do? " Pinto was excellent, I think we more than matched them on the physical side, was good to see Klose and Martin getting stuck in. Cardiff is an easy trip for me as its under 100 miles most of which is motorway or fast roads. Still pissed off about getting parking ticket though,
  7. with 17 games to go its more than possible I recon 9 more wins and 4 or 5 draws might be ok, our last 3 games seem tricky though
  8. "was the team coach which was parked at the ground just to take them 8 miles to the Cardiff airport ? Yes happens at majority of games means they get home and straight into resting / recovery and not wasting time travelling, day with families tomorrow and fly to Manchester after training on Monday morning. " I assumed that was the case , sounds like a good idea.
  9. Thought they both did well but both seemed Knackered at Ft.
  10. no idea who will go up with Newcastle but have a feeling Brighton will cock it it.
  11. was the team coach which was parked at the ground just to take them 8 miles to the Cardiff airport ?
  12. Even my parking ticket didn''t spoil my day, Very good win, we did what we had to do, not pretty but pretty good all round . for my money John Ruddy was M O M although It was an all round performance, They outplayed them , We out sang them. Was the kind of results that gets you promoted. PREDICTION City V Brighton in play off final
  13. What is Jez short for ? Or is that his full first name
  14. Born in Brandon, but my parents moved to the Midlands when I was 15. My first game was in 1951, I used to travel to the fine City on train with a couple of school pals. I remember getting off the at Norwich, walking over the road to a small cabin and buying a pack of 5 Woodbines each, which often made us sick! Happy days. Nowadays its a 3 1/2 hour road trip each way with 2 of my grandsons who I managed to keep away from the Midlnds teams around us. Never been any question who I would support, (or the Grandsons)
  15. Our U23s are playing at Kidderminster tomorrow V West Brom in U23 Prem 2 . 7pm KO I live 5 mins walk away and meeting up with local city fans in the Weavers Arms ,Comberton Hill at 6.15
  16. Can we play Lafferty as left back , Come the first of Jan, it might be only option Off the Ball City
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