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  1. wouldn''t waste my money but would like to hear is going on, any updates re sacking welcome
  2. I will be there, only 80 min away for me but not looking forward to it, Can see a 0-0 bore draw
  3. Don''t be so sure, you can not have watched the last few games
  4. If I was in charge I wouldn''t wait till full time
  5. I can not explain why but I now feel we will win 3-1 But the first goal will be key ( Josh M ? )
  6. What odds do you think I might get if I placed a tenner on A N eating a Mars bar during game on Sunday,
  7. worked fine for me, very quick , in , paid and printed in 2 mins
  8. "Jamie Witherspoon wrote ,Would be interested to hear from anyone at the game re Wildschut yesterday. Very anonymous on the wireless. " No worse than the rest of the bunch yesterday , took far to long when on the ball but there could be a player in there somewhere, at least he put in a bit of effort.
  9. 1 defeat in 9, pity other results didnt go for us but still in te hunt
  10. Do both, quick burger outside the ground then watch the game together followed by whatever you fancy after the game, Job done
  11. When I was a kid we had a dog named scampi, When he died we had scampi 2
  12. "Move Klose"]Sheff w at home to blackburn Tuesday so these next 2 home games for us could be pretty big Yes our next games are both starting to look like must win games
  13. Wednesday looking good, starting to look like it was 2 points dropped on Tuesday rather than 1 point won. Still long way to go
  14. AdsMelton wrote "I don''t suppose anyone has any spare tickets do they please? Can meet at the ground as I only live in Nottingham so only a short drive for me. Only have 200 away points and they bloody sold out before I got chance : How come only 200, I thought you get 500 for just being a member
  15. I remember when we stood on boxes in the South Stand
  16. I think we had 1400 terrace tickets and a few hundred seats but not 100% sure I think total capacity is about 6500 They only get about 4k crowds, I think Wolves only attracted just over 5500 and Wolverhampton is only about 80 mins away
  17. I have contacted the club and they confirm food served on a 12 KO is Pre Match only and from 9 am. I plan to get there about 10.45 in the hope they serve an all day breakfast type of meal, I can not think they will be serving a roast or even Scampi from 9 am Anyone know likely food choices for 12 KO
  18. If we do win and go 6th there will be no holding Delia, God bless her
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