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  1. Great find, I wonder why it was Grimsby v Coventry
  2. Is this a lifeline, Sorry if no clicks http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/04/09/reading-could-face-denial-premier-league-chinese-takeover/
  3. Not at the game but I heard he had a few boos and moans from his own supporters, certainly got stick in reading forums
  4. Sadly we will miss out by 4 points , Bristol and Villa would have done it
  5. got to be in the John Bond days, second though is Lamberts second year
  6. Just makes it worse that I was sick as a dog this morning and decided not to go, I am getting a bit of stick from my 2 grandsons who were due to come with me
  7. I am But if they were playing better I would have forced myself even with the bug I have. After Bristol, Villa and Huddersfield I have convinced myself to stay at home
  8. At the last moment 8.30 I am unable to go to Reading game I have one over 60s plus 2 U 18, All can be upgraded at T O. Also 3 passes for away supporters party All are Free Please P M if interested
  9. A bit optimistic, we would be lucky 3 millon for all these together 2 Steven Whittaker 33 0.9 1 year option 3 Sebastien Bassong 30 2.1 4 Youssouf Mulumbu 30 2.1 5 Kyle Lafferty 29 1.3 6 Ryan Bennett 27 1.7 7 Michael Turner 33 0.9
  10. No, but back in contention for Reading
  11. I can''t hell feeling for coventry hard core fans, Always liked going to the old Highfield rd stadium. Grass Clearer comes to mind. Hope they get a result today
  12. Always a big risk with the kind of re vamp / clear out our club needs, A new squad need time to gel and it could take 2 seasons.
  13. at least 8 of going from Kidderminster on 12 .55 train, all hoping for a win, I now think 1-2
  14. Van Klomp wrote A stream ffs, its free, get your lazy backside to CR KIO , Not all of us live in Norfolk, I also was hoping for a stream
  15. TCCANARY wrote f you worked as a gardener and wanted to change jobs to be a gardener for someone else would you original employer put you on gardening leave until your contract finished and you were free to leave? ....................................................................................... Perhaps they would put you on football leave
  16. I recon we are looking for another coffee supplier for the City stand
  17. Here is a CV for David Moss, copy and pasted . My main responsibilities are to manage and co-ordinate the scouts to ensure they target players that fit the Celtic recruitment criteria. Identifying the right players for all clubs is not easy but I personally believe it is very difficult recruiting the right players for Celtic for the following reasons; We do not receive the £80-£100 million Premier League clubs receive each year from SKY/BT in comparison to the approximate £2.5 million Celtic receive. We therefore cannot compete for players playing in the Premier League and even majority of the Championship clubs due to the salaries and transfer fees now demanded. In general we are targeting players valued under £2.5 million. Although we can only spend approximately £2.5m we are still seeking players who can compete against some of the best teams in Europe in Champions League games and also have the potential to be sold to the Premier League or other top European teams within 1-2 years. We therefore operate in a high-risk market as we cannot afford the ‘ready-made’ players and need to identify young and ‘un-proven’ players. In recent seasons however we have done rather well working to this strategy with Goalkeeper Fraser Forster, Midfielder Victor Wanyama and Striker Gary Hooper selling for £10, £12 and £6 million respectively. All these players were bought for under £2.5m. Central Defender Virgil Van Dyk will also probably be sold for in excess of these figures in the coming weeks. YOU HAVE HELD A NUMBER OF POSITIONS IN A NUMBER OF CLUBS. HOW HAS THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF CLUBS EVOLVED OVER THE YEARS? From finishing my playing career at Swansea City I have been fortunate to hold four senior positions within clubs as Academy Director at Swansea City and Crystal Palace, Head of Academy Scouting and Assistant Head of 1st Team Scouting at Celtic Football Club. The infrastructures at each of these clubs has certainly been different which in turn has been very beneficial to my personal development as I have had to change my management and leadership style to suit.
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