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  1. Thanks Guys, The Indian Restaurant sounds a good choice
  2. Still trying to keep positive but after watching the 2 Manchester games last week I find it hard to think of anything positive,Guess I will be mad enough to watch the TV game this weekend
  3. I will be in Lanzarote at the time of Saturdays game V West Ham ( Playa Blanca ) Any chances other Norwich fans will be there at same time ? I understand plenty of Bars show sky games. Where is best place to watch, any advice appreciated .
  4. Do we need respect OR SYMPATHY , time will tell Not so badprices for me with over 65 prices, grandchildren a fiver and only 90 miles from my home
  5. Yes Man U confirm its on Tuesday, Why are our tickets not yet on sale ? special deal ?
  6. Yes it does say T B C, but if you go to buy they are on sale for Wed 30th, Don''t think it is on TV as Man City game is one of Live tv games
  7. It says Wed 30th on Man U website,I looked at some tickets and they were about £40, which seems a bit high, hoping some kind of deal for away supporters
  8. Anyone know when away tickets will be on sale ? they are now on sale via Man U website for home fans, it looks like only 2 small sections are / will be available for away supporters. would have thought even for a midweek away game we would expect a reasonable turn out.
  9. At last a voice of reason making good points, If we want gung ho football then he is clearly the wrong choice, however in the long run a period of stability ( providing we start picking up points ) could be the right way. Only time will tell
  10. Yes to the plash guards , please. then my slippers wont get wet .
  11. 1 32 year old out for 2m, 1 32 year old in without payment, sounds a good deal to me
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