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  1. Love looking at this one fro TWTD.............................

    Can’t get promoted. Can’t get top 6. Can’t win derbies. I mean WTF is the point of us?

    And to every player who has represented us in a derby since 2009 (with an honourable exception to Paul Anderson and Jonas Knudsen) - you’re all a disgrace. You let us down every time. You talk the talk, but come the day you roll over and die.

    I’m done for the week. Fit for Burton, yada-yada, who cares! Only the same shower of sheit who will roll over against Cardiff on Halloween and let Alex Neil’s Preston walk away with a 1-0 on November 4.

    Buckling down for a season of grind. Let Downes and Nydam get their experience etc, but sadly, nothing exciting to be expected of us...Again...oh except a relegation battle on current form. I thought we had more firepower now. We didn’t lay a glove on them again.

    14,000 dropping to 12,000 and lower at this rate. Because we suck!

  2. This is what Talksport say


    Ipswich Town have three stars on their shirt. Does this signify three top flight titles like Huddersfield? Nope. Multiple European success, like Liverpool? Nah. A hat-trick of FA Cups? No chance. Ipswich''s three stars commemorate the three major trophies they''ve won; the First Division in 1962, FA Cup in 1978 and UEFA Cup in 1981. Why not chuck in the 1973 Texaco Cup win? Or the three Suffolk Premier Cups in 1968, ''69 and ''70? These have got to be the most ridiculous stars since the last series of Big Brother.

    Read more at https://talksport.com/stars-and-gripes-clubs-ridiculous-symbols-their-shirts-including-man-united-liverpool-ipswich-and#F4BDhIz4CWBl6YpK.99

  3. Thanks Lincsey, Good as I imagined longer on tube

    My Last chance is 23.30 from Euston but its a slow train,

    If I miss that one I wont get into Birmingham international till 6.05 and then a 40min drive. my preferred option is 23.07 from Marylebone which would get me into Warwick Parkway at 0.28 am and about 45 min drive after that

    Thanks again

  4. Hi, Anyone with knowledge of underground network at late night ? As we live in the Midlands I have 2 train options. 1 is train into Euston and 2 Marylebone

    Can anyone advice best Tube option to these stations bearing in mind the possibility of Extra time and Pens

    How long should it take from the ground after the game


  5. [quote user="Yellowfuture"]Kidderminster Exile wrote the following post at 19/09/2017 7:24 PM:

    I am thinking that is verdict of Farke

    Martin has had some sort of injection in relation to his colitis I believe, poor sod!

    It''s a nasty condition when it flares up, I don''t think it''s anything to do with "verdict of Farke " to be honest Kidderminster Exile.[/quote]

    I was speaking about McGover not Martin
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