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  1. Words genuinely fail me. And this perfectly illustrates my point about idiots with agendas.
  2. norfolkbroadslim wrote: Sorry for bringing this onto individual players. I never seemed to rate Daryl Sutch that highly, however he must have been doing something right to make over 350 appearances under several different managers. Perhaps he just quietly and efficiently did his job?Huh? [:^)] I did think and still do that David Phillips was a superb midifielder, I struggle to think of any better than him for Norwich - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd9E1wtb_Dg Its a reasonable example, I have seen Daryl Sutch take a fair bit of stick on here. Though, I suspect that a lot based this opinion on one penalty kick he missed, which shows the validity and quality of said opinion.
  3. Great idea! Add another defensive midfielder to our already too big a number list of midfielders
  4. It''s named so because most of the people on the coach are vegetables
  5. He''s absolutely brilliant at what he does but seriously lacking when it comes to his forward play.
  6. Signing for Bolton on a season-long loan. Have got this from someone who works at the Club, before I get jumped on for lying, I obviously can''t reveal the name as his job could be at stake!
  7. Swansea City play exciting football. Southampton play exciting football. Both these teams will comfortably stay up. Why can''t Norwich City play more open football? It''s opinions like CDMullins'' that will ensure the Club retains its ''Little Norwich'' tag.
  8. Setting aside all the childish squabbles about how much watching Norwich City costs each of you (£4,000 is probably quite close by the way), a relegation battle and a 17th finish battle would simply not be acceptable this season. David Mcnally has all but said this to be the case himself.
  9. Blimey Morty, is that hard for you to post without demeaning Foxy? He may not be in the manager''s plans now but he was one of the most important players in the promotion season. Have some respect.
  10. I''m sorry, but if you can''t see what Wes brings to the team then you clearly know f**k all about football.
  11. Wes remains one of the most important players at the football club and should be in the team most weeks
  12. For the record, I''m Hughton out; here''s my three reasons:- 1) Judging by team selection and tactics, he is clearly satisfied to settle for a draw at most, if not all, our away games, 2) Man management. Yes, the players can be at fault for poor performances and rightly so, but how many times last season and indeed against Hull do the players just not look as though they''re ''up for it''. We''ve moved on from Paul Lambert but we always looked capable of beating anyone during his era, and in my opinion, the players thought that too. 3) ''Little Norwich''. All managers praise the opposition''s strengths, and yes, Hughton is a nice guy, but most of the time he''s building up the opposition''s part both before and after the game. I''ve read his comments for the Bury game where he''s claiming it will be a tough game. It may well be but we''re a Premier League side and should not convey any doubts. How must some of the players feel that their manager has doubts over their ability to beat a League Two side?!
  13. I''m sure this has been done to death a hundred times before, and will no doubt cause petty and childish arguments, but just a quick poll on whether you''re ''Hughton in'' or ''Hughton out''. In a more original twist though, state THREE reasons for your opinion
  14. I''d rather have lost 5-4 than the 1-0 dirge we got on Saturday
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