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  1. I like Olsson. Hes the best LB we have and has a bit of bottle about him imo. I would play him and Brady left mid
  2. A few? A few hundred that couldve gone to more fans.
  3. Noticed a few in the upper terraces. Noticed hundreds in the boxes. Really annoyed at the empty boxes. Could''ve been offered to fans at last minute.
  4. The whole online purchase process worked very very well. Being able to link membership numbers, picking seats. No site crashes. Really impressed
  5. I paid £81.50 for two £36 tickets on Wednesday and they were delivered today. So £9.50 in fees. Considering RMSD is £6.45 I consider that pretty good.
  6. If it helps I got straight through with Chrome and over an hour wait on Internet Explorer
  7. When the Radio One Big Weekender tickets were released the queues weren''t based on wait time. It would just randomly let people in. Was actually designed that way.
  8. I was refreshing since 17:45 and got in at 18:02. Bagged 2 tickets. Looked at stadium view at 18:20 and still loads left in upper tiers. Problem is the site will leave you logged in for 30 minutes even if you close page meaning nobody else can get in.
  9. 2 pints of the real stuff for £5 and Im in ,) I jest, All the best for day. Used to drink in the Mischief a lot when I worked in Anglia Square.
  10. Hi all My Grandad passed away 2 years ago and my Nan found a share certificate for NCFC saying he brought 4 fully paid shares of £1 each back in October 2002. We think he paid £100 for these. Does anyone know what we can do with these? My Nan may sell them or transfer them to her great grandson for the future. There is no contact info on the certificate. Thanks
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