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  1. I say "NO" to 15 sack the manager threads after every win and 63 sack the manager threads after every loss or tie.
  2. Forest haven''t lost at home and Derby haven''t lost on the road so I''m calling for a draw Derby County @ Nottingham Forest.
  3. When Luton beat Arsenal in the 1988 League Cup Final. Dibble was fantastic for Luton. Arsenal should have won by 5. I remember Dibble stopped a penalty late when Arsenal were leading 2-1. Luton scored 2 late goals and snatched victory. The last 20 minutes were fantastic back and forth football. If I recall correctly Dibble wasn''t even Luton''s number one keeper. I taped it for some reason and still play that game once in a while and I am always amazed at Dibble''s performance. 
  4. I am coming with my bud in March for a first match. So please report on everything including hotel, restaurants, sites, pubs....
  5. From my point of view the Yanks seem to get better every year. When I started watching in the 80''s the US were abysmal. But slowly got better to the point where I think they are competitive with many European teams. Soccer/football has been and is a fringe sport in America. It''s gathering momentum but it still way behind Football Baseball Basketball. So I think their program has done wonders and they should be commended. The US finished tied top of the group with England at the 2010 World Cup. So they deserve some respect. But I guess you really don''t get respect until you make the final 4. But it wouldn''t surprise me if the Yanks do it in 2014. 
  6. I hope Holty scores 30 for Wigan and we finish top 12. Everybody happy?
  7. I thought it would be Harry Connick Jr. Hey, even if he sucked he could still sing lullabies to put us to beddy. Can Chris sing? If not, he''s out.....
  8. He''s a class act and Norwich are lucky to have him.
  9. This question speaks to the core and heart of every supporter. It requires an essay not a yes or no answer. I''m wrtiting mine now, who do I hand it in to?
  10. It is interesting. I honestly think you HAVE to give a manager 3-4 years to try and build a side. It''s impossible to do it in one season unless the shelves are already stacked. You can not let the fans and press make the club''s decisions. The board has to stick by their guy through thick and thin. That said it''s quite natural for people to complain when they don''t like the team''s style of play or the team has a bad run. 
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