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  1. just seen the goal on championship... good strike! first goal - credit to be given to bertrand...
  2. For those of you who use RSS feeds to capture the Pinkun headlines on your google homepage, for example, expand the "snapshot" information for the "earnie is tipped to fire again" and you will find the amusing end to the article... "Peter Grant has backed Robert Earnshaw to hit the goal trail - as long as he receives the proper service. Earnshaw''s future is unclear, with rumours mounting that he may be on his way out of Derby County before tonight''s transfer deadline passes - less than two months after they bought him from Norwich for a bargain £3. "   hope we got more than that for him...!!!! [<:o)]
  3. Just had a quick browse. This guy who''s set it up is now £397,882.50 richer!! What a scamster - £7.50 per registration goes to ''administration''... more like sitting on his ass for the next few years phoning a few footy clubs!!!
  4. [quote user="Jamie Wright"] Someone saw exactly the same game as me. I dont understand people coming on here and slating people who pick negatives in a match. Surely any constructive criticism is welcome on here. Where is the rule book for this Forum? Surely negatives need to be pointed out to improve a team? Warner did look shaky with his kicking and punching. Every kick was sliced and one nearly resulted in a goal when I think we were 2-0up. Could have resulted in a different outcome... Hucks, Martin, Safri and Croft brilliant... [/quote] Jamie - you''re dead right! As you say aswell, Hucks,Martin,Safri & Croft brilliant... cut them apart (especially down right flank) in the first half.  
  5. [quote user="Salopian"]I thought that Warner looked well positioned and calm. Barnesley attempts seem to be directly at him, which may say as much about them as about him. He seemed secure at catching crosses, and the only blemishes were the attempt to kick clear with his left foot and to punch clear. The game came within hours of meeting his team mates for the first time. If his left foot is weak, they can make allowances. Clearly communications will improve as he gets to know the rest. The final question is how good a shot-stopper he is. He was not really tested yesterday by shots into the top or bottom corners. Over the next few games his quality will be better assessed. For me the jury is still out. I was disappointed in Fotheringham, not least that he and most of the others backed off and didn''t close down opponents receiving a ball. Something which Etuhu showed up in his brief appearance. Dury and Lappin were confronted with a winger and a prompter who could pass and control the ball. I think that generally they did well,  tho'' Dury lacks pace and may have been favouring his back. They were caught out fior the Barnsley goal, - possibly the only time when the winger got round Drury to by line and came towards goal. Otherwise, most centres were from very wide and were largely ineffective. The stars for me, especially in the second half when we threatened very little, were Shacks and Doc, who were confronted by two very physical strikers, and still got their headers away under tremendous pressure. [/quote]   I started off thinkin you didn''t watch the same game as me (Warner - calm (????!)), but then definitely confirmed my thoughts when you mentioned shacks and doc were ''stars''. Now you really didn''t watch Barnsley Vs Norwich did you?!
  6. FAIR PLAY to him! I know if I was given the chance to earn that sort of money, I wouldn''t even give it a second thought. He''s worked his trade well, despite the fact that some people don''t or never have rated him. He''s taken some opportunities and they''ve paid off (literally). I personally, think he''s a ''ledge'' and fair play to him earning the dollar!! I''m sure I wouldn''t see any of you lot on this messag board getting a call from your boss to say an american company want to pay yo $xxxx,000 a day. Now are you going to commit to working for a better company here or are you going to grab the money... hmmmm...!! I know which way i''d go...
  7. Yep, Stoke Saturday, then West Brom Nov 11th and Wolves Dec 23rd... all good for the midlanders!! I''m travelling up from Derby on Sat, are there many travelling from norwich?
  8. I thought Davenport had been playing, but is out with broken nose????!
  9. Definitely one of or ifnot the biggest mistake. Letting Eddy go was mistake too... C''mon Curbs... sign up!
  10. Back to the author...! I still can''t believe Jonsson is getting good remarks from some people. We can''t live on his PAST form with sweden or the like, we have to be real and look at the performances that he''s put in. Correct me if I''m wrong but he''s started 7 or 8 games out of the 13 this season and I just think that he''s been given long enough for the time being. Everything broke down last night around Jonsson. Once the ball was played out to the right, he either wasted a ball pumped into the box with no effect from just inside the opponents half or, more often thatn not, gave the ball away in an important area. However, he must be doing something right in trianing for Worthy to keep picking him. Please!!.... someone must have the answer? I also agree that Leon didn''t have a great game last night, I thought he was very average. A confessed Leon fan myself, I am too. With the long ball system that we seem to be playing for ther vast majority of matches recently, we surely would have been better keeping Iwan - at least he held the ball up. We have to start playing it around the park on the floor... this is where we create the most chances - NOT in the air!
  11. How long are we going to give Matty Jonsson to get up to scratch? once again, 75mins into the man city game and he''s had ANOTHER shocker. all the talk about him improving, its rubbish. your views pls. bring bk the little lad.
  12. was only 8 years old! i don''t remember where i was for the B.M. game, but the AC Milan game - i watched it on tv AT SCHOOL! it helped that my father was the headteacher...!
  13. I''m not sure about the Jonson comments. Not happy at all. Wasting too many good opportunities. Maybe he will get better, but taking a long time. Helveg may be better for the position. as a previous post says - give some more cover for the flying everton and also showed he had a good cross on him late on vs wba. KEEP MCKENZIE IN THE STARTING ELEVEN. OFFERS MUCH MORE THAN ANY OTHERS. RUNS FOR EVERYTHING, WINS HEADERS. KEEP THE FAITH, WE''RE OUT OF THE DROP-ZONE! we''ve only lost to man u, ars and liv. not bad. keep going boys
  14. Good to see malky scoring with his head for the hammers against the SCUM!
  15. ha ha! you can''t take flem out of there. not a chaaaaance! Can i just ask WHY WE ARE CHANGING THE TEAM SOOO MUCH? We have played 4 games and yes, we haven''t had a win, and yes, we have only got 2 points, but we have played 3 of the top 5 teams in the Prem this season already. Glad Worthy is sticking with Edworthy, looks streets ahead of Helveg at this moment in time. Bentley to come back in and play on the left... looked class vs Newcastle. Francis been very impressed with, didnt think he would be able to cut it in the Prem but has shown he can. Safri.. give him a chance instead of Holt... though worry that he will give free-kicks away in the wrong places. Start with Doherty... he hasn''t done badly... holds the ball up well which is something we havent done that well so far. However, by all accounts HAREWOOD should be arriving at F.CarrowRoad today, so he could come on as sub to partner Huckerby up front, has the attributes of Doherty with the bonus of a little more pace. Lets get behind the team because they have impressed me thats for sure... so.. Green, Edworthy, Charlton, Fleming, Drury, McVeigh, Safri, Francis, Bentley, Hucks, Doherty(sub Harewood!) OTBC
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