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  1. Think you are right, we just think we miss a golascoring player that sits behind the frontman like carzola, rooney, jovetic etc who all net goals
  2. [quote user="Crazy Eddie"] or to our new number 9: "I see you predominantly as a kit model"[/quote] Too true seen he was paraded around chaplefield today like a schoolgirls puppy at show and tell day
  3. On another note why doesnt Becchio get a chance, i havent seen much of him but he scored loads at Leeds and Ive hardly seen him get more than 10 minutes competitively for us??
  4. Long time reader first time poster..... Ive always liked wes but tbh he doesn''t score enough goals for the position he tends to play in for us. If CH insists on playing the 4-4-1-1 formation we really need an AM that scores more than 1 in 6 (1 in 10 in the prem last year) Someone more like Eriksen / Jovetic (granted well out of our price bracket) who link up play and score from the edge of the box regularly Thought Fer didn''t look half as comfortable in an attacking role last night as he did when he dropped back to a more defensive position after wes came on. RvW looked isolated all night. Miralem Pjanić if we can fork out 15m+ and he prefers carrot fields to colosseum''s In fairness ola is our best option at the mo and at least we have a deal with psv I''d be much more comfortable if we sorted the CB / AM issues now, the Jan transfer window tends to see vastly inflated prices paid as teams get desperate for quick fixes.
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