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  1. Ayala may turn out to be a decent player. He did look ok in his first season. Had good control and he''s still very young. Hughton is no doubt weighing him up in pre season. Don''t know how he did on loan or what the fans thought of him?
  2. General feeling seems to be 1 attacking central midfielder and 1 high quality centre back. This would give us a really strong squad. I''d rather see a centre back than any other position as we lack a real quality partner for Bassong.
  3. I honestly don''t think the money would do it. Snodgrass is now entering his 2nd season at a club that he''ll feel did ok last term and with all the new players coming in it must be quite an exciting time to be at Norwich. Plus the fact that he has quite a few mates at the club. No goer, what ever price.
  4. [quote user="Highland Canary"]The expectation is undoubtedly high. But I would argue it was higher in our European season following our top league finish of the season before.[/quote] Agreed, finishing 3rd I remember expecting us to challenge again for the title back in the 90''s But yes, expectations are indeed high. I''m expecting us to finish comfortably above the bottom 3 this season.
  5. Well what is nice to see is that every signing we have made so far has genuinely improved out team. Positions have been filled and competition has been added. Not to mention proper many has been spent. We must have smashed our transfer record a few times.
  6. lol, cheers. Having read the forum for a while I thought I''d use an old thread instead of making a new one and be accosted by the forum police ;-) I suppose thinking about it there''s actually not much difference in all the odds in the bottom half. Just seems we are always considered to be a team that should be down there when we are actually moving forward at a rapid rate.
  7. I would have hoped that having spent the best part of £25m we would travel up the odds table. Do people really think that we are only just slightly better than the new boys that have come up? Hello all by the way, my 1st post.
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