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  1. He wanted 10 at Celtic as well but it was already taken.  He then asked for 88 as it was the year of his birth - he hadn''t realised the significance to club at the time.
  2. So almost exactly 3 years ago our striking options were rotten.  So when it became apparent we were signing a lad from Scunthorpe, the big discussion (aside from the laughs the swear filter gave us) was could this lad make the step up. Well a goal on your competitive debut in a CL qualifier certainly helps...he never looked back.  I know there is probably concern about the SPL blah blah.  This boy scores goals and is very good at it.  He was good when we signed him and he''s even better now.  He''s a player to look for when you need something to happen.  His last minute winners are delightful. Gutted he is going.  However he has given us 3 good years, scored a load of goals, contributed to two good European campaigns and doubled our money...bright side and all that. Think he will do very well for you.   Other might laugh at where you are taking him from but I predict Hoops will have them laughing on the other side of their faces pretty quickly.   You got a good one.
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