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  1. Or other way round, no replacements until they''ve left?
  2. Where do you go to find out how many away points you''ve got? Anyone got a link? Thanks
  3. What on earth are you on about? Am fourth generation Norwich fan and went to first match 40 years ago.  
  4. May have one spare. Will know late afternoon/early evening. If I do, do you want it? £45, away section. Could meet you outside ground. Send me a PM if you''d want it.  
  5. Mate has flu, so may not make it tomorrow. Will know tonight. If ticket going, let me know if you''d like it: in away fans section, £45. Could meet you outside ground. Send me a PM if interested. OTBC  
  6. Have pm''d you. Afraid all gone unless one of people doesn''t pay up!  
  7. Got 4 tickets which can''t use- £35 each. If interested, send me a PM. Priority to anyone who wants all 4. Otherwise needs to be pair, not one or 3.  OTBC    
  8. Have 4 which can''t use. Anyone want to take off me at face value? If you do, let me know today by sending PM.
  9. Have got 4 tickets for Peterborough game which now can''t make. 2 adult tics @ £22 each, 2 juniors @ £10 each (which I''m pretty sure can be upgraded). Any takers? If so, send me a PM. No single ticket requests please. Either a pair or ideally all 4. Thanks
  10. Really annoyingly will now be away for West Ham game. Anyone want our 4 tickets? They''re two adults @£39 each and two under-16 @ just £1 each. Assume you can upgrade junior ones to adult. Pm me. Thanks
  11. Hi folks Have four spare tickets for WBA game which can''t use. Anyone interested? £25 each. Send me PM if you are. Cheers
  12. It does if you''re an away season ticket holder. Realise it''s not likely anyone will want the tickets who hasn''t got them already, but checking just in case. OTBC
  13. Anyone interested at small discount, £32 each? Can send back to club for full refund, and will do that if don''t hear from anyone today. Send me PM if interested. OTBC  
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