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  1. Monty, you can only use quotation marks when it''s a direct quote, so grammatically speaking you''re not correct on that one. That''s pretty irrelevant, though.I just want to say, you''re completely entitled to your beliefs on how the world works, as am I. People are beginning to see a clearer picture now as technology develops and I see protests about government policy (home and foreign) gaining more and more momentum over the coming years. There is huge credence to their disquiet and I''m pretty convinced millions of like-minded people aren''t imagining it. Many of the staunchest supporters of a more open dialogue in regards to current policy are highly educated, well respected people who have no reason to put their reputation on the line for the sake of a ''conspiracy''. The facts are there, we''re just ignoring them in favour of an easy life. Not all of them wear tin hats either.I''m leaving it there because this really is no place for a discussion like this and I''m sorry for heating up a debate that should have never existed on the Pinkun. Have a great season all and hopefully we''ll have some news about transfers to debate soon.Apolgies again.OTBC
  2. [quote user="Monty13"]"I guess I must live in an alternate reality if don''t want to see people dying needlessly" "Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi are killing their own people, firstly I would question (if it actually happened that is) why that''s our issue to rectify" You are trollin. You can''t hold up your viewpoint the the world should all live in harmony then say "they are killing each, but its not our problem".[/quote]Firstly, you''re putting words into my mouth. Don''t quote when it was never said. Of course it''s our problem - we created the problem systematically. Saddam and Gaddafi needed to be removed from power because of their brutality towards their own people. But the brutality happens because they oppose the leader''s method of governance, which was heavily influenced by the West.They''re killing each other, in part, due to Western foreign policy and the elites of their respective nations'' willingness to cosy up for personal gains while the rest suffer. Factions occur because the regular citizens strongly disagree with what''s going on in their respective countries. Al-Qaeda and the like wouldn''t even exist if it wasn''t fighting the corrupt and illegal influence of the West over their sovereignty. ''They hate our freedom so they''re building nukes (Iran next) to destroy our freedom'' is one line fed to us. They''ve got WMDs (Iraq). A handful of untrained Muslims took down three New York financial centres and crashed into the Pentagon (Afghanistan). Haha! It''s unbelievable that anybody actually believes any of it. Good way to police the world''s finances/resources while sounding legitimate though. You think the Arab spring was pure coincidence? No, they''re trying to take the power away from the current decision makers and empower the regular folk to make their own decisions. The reason many of them hate the West is because of the West''s foreign policy and subsequent actions to pre-emptively eliminate ''threats to our freedom''. It gets more and more ridiculous. Can you imagine if it was the other way round? I''d be mightily p*ssed off, don''t know about you.I''m not trying to be personal towards you or anybody (especially the army because they''re just doing their job) but it''s time to see things for how they really are and stop listening to the BS fed to us every day. Disagree with me all you like, pick apart a certain line of what I''ve written by all means, but the basic principles are there. Not everybody is a hippie for wanting a bit of justice and not everybody is a meat head for backing our army/government going into places and tearing it apart. Everybody is different and entitled to believe what they want. I run a business with four employees, I have a degree in English, I go out drinking with my mates, I play footy at the weekends. We''re all different, but the same. I''m not judging you for your beliefs.
  3. The military just do as they''re told. Nobody''s blaming you for that - it''s your job. If you''re told somebody like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi are killing their own people, firstly I would question (if it actually happened that is) why that''s our issue to rectify and secondly (if it did actually happen) where they got the fire power to do it in the first place. Maybe thirdly, what does the UK (U.S.) gain from fixing the problem. I don''t see us going in and annihilating third world countries like Congo and Sudan where mass genocide is rife and well documented. Why''s that I wonder? Did we ever find those WMDs by the way? Ah well, at least they got democracy, right? Oh yeah, a puppet government who the Iraqis and Afghans despise. At least it was worth the hundreds of thousands of deaths. I''m sure Saddam would have killed them all with his WMDs anyway, so what''s the difference. People need to get their heads out of their a*ses and wake the f*ck up before the whole world goes to shit so badly that there''s no way back. YES YOU DO need to read sites like Wikileaks - ignorant people are the reason world powers are allowed to get away with this and maintain the public''s backing for completely shambolic and deceitful foreign policies. Education is the only way to fix it.Not sure there could be anything agenda driven about a research study suggesting war is not innate, wherever it might be published. You''re completely missing the point pal.
  4. Well that completely depends on what you believe my friend. We only know what the media tells us and the people who own the world media have their own agendas. This isn''t a debate for the Pinkun anyway. All I can say is, get your reading specs out and have a read of what''s really going on in the world. Wikileaks is a good start. Millions of people want answers, not just the guy going by the name of Cedric Pantselin.Just as a side note, war isn''t necessarily in our nature http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-23340252
  5. Of course you''re going to take it personally. I get it. I might too if I was you. Great work on putting out fires by the way. But I guess I must live in an alternate reality if don''t want to see people dying needlessly. We, as the human race, are trained to make a joke of anybody who challenges the ''normal'' view so I''ll leave you to your vision of the world and leave it there.Enjoy the season.
  6. I don''t think it''s necessary for any nation to have a military, not just the UK. Like I said, not meaning to be disrespectful to servicemen and women, I just don''t think they deserve tickets more than anybody else.
  7. Why should troops get tickets? Yeah, they''re brave I guess, but so is your average Joe working on high-rise construction jobs. They don''t represent the views and actions of most rational thinking people and support for illegitimate war is fast diminishing. I''d be mightily p*ssed off if City started giving tickets to troops. I''m not trying to be personal toward servicemen and women and I''m sure you genuinely believe that what you do is for a good cause. But unfortunately it''s not and people are waking up to the fact that the military is an illegitimate source of hostility when the world needs a good dose of peace for a change.
  8. Nice work Ray, I had no idea there was such a set-up like that! Must be a good vibe in your house, especially on the back of the youth team''s success. Keep up the good work amigo!
  9. Ha no, not the real Cedric Anselin. He''ll be far too busy running the French arm of the Dwarf Football Association.
  10. More likely need to duck Ray! Can''t see philosophical words going down too well with a group of bald men infuriated by a wayward long ball from Johnson while 1-0 down at home to Cardiff!
  11. I know what you mean Metal Militia. I moved from the N&P because it was so negative. Many of them haven''t got a clue, especially where I used to sit anyway. Stupidly moved to the Jarrold instead, which is just as bad! I''m with you ROB, I can''t say I''ve never moaned about anything in the past but we''re at possibly the best moment (financially anyway) that we''ve ever had in NCFC history, so let''s enjoy it and get behind the boys!
  12. Good point Ray. But whether it''s nature or nurture, they''re still bloody annoying! You''re right though, a negative person in life isn''t going to become a positive person for 90 minutes a week! Maybe they need their pre-match pints spiked with happy juice. Or share a doob to chill out. Not that I''m promoting it
  13. I would love to see standing make a return. Not sure if it''ll ever be allowed again on the scale it used to be though. If at all at PL level anyway. People were moaning around me as well during that Scunthorpe game. I even had the old boy behind me moaning when we were 4-0 up against WBA. He reckoned Wigan could still climb past us on goal difference. In the 80th minute!
  14. Yarmouth Boys were only 4/1 on, but then the England keeper headed through her own net. Nuf said.
  15. The England women''s team have arranged a pre-season friendly with Yarmouth Boys U14s. Ladbrokes have Yarmouth Boys at 3/8 for the win. Nuf said.
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