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  1. [quote user="Arthur Boreham-Stiffe"] Notabilitas abest. ? Futue te ipsum! [/quote] Very good! I am always pleased to meet another interested in the classical languages! Do you also have an interest in my Christian Group Idea?
  2. [quote user="Herman "] How can you judge who''s the better player by YouTube clips. Have you watched either of them in full matches? [/quote] I completely agree Herman. These so called ''youtube clips'' often only feature the very best highlights of a player''s career, this type of formatting could easily make any player look good.
  3. [quote user="clarkey1972"] I agree with the above. But lambert must have been aware this was the plan mid term. Maybe it was our long term strategy that he didnt/doesent like? Not that i give a shiiite what lambert thinks. Just wondering if it was a wake up call to the board or this was the plan all along. I think the latter. [/quote] Do not question my intellect.
  4. Hello. I intend to set up a ''group'' for Christian members on here if anyone would be interested. How many of you adopt the good teachings of Christianity? I think a level of healthy debate could benefit us all.
  5. I would say that this was the board''s strategy all along, Lambert simply used a lack of ambition as an excuse.
  6. [quote user="Unhinged Canary"] [quote user="Graham"]  [quote user="ReadingCanary"] £20 on him to score any time   [/quote] Gambling is one of the lowest pits of despair and sin.  [/quote] [Y]   Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, lost it again on a stupid bet... [:(]  [/quote] Very good point ''Unhinged Canary'', it is a disgusting hobby for some, but thanfully not many!
  7. [quote user="Bert sneakers"] Graham..... How come you are now down as a new forum member? [/quote] Hello Bert, I tried to access my old membership but for one reason or another this was not possible and have thus been forced to create a new membership. Hopefully my message to the system administrator will be promptly answered an I will return to my old membership.
  8. It is stated in the Bible, in the news and in medical leaflets everywhere but it does not seem to be noticed; alcohol is the drink of the devil and brings about the downfall of even the best of men. It deeply saddens me to see what is happening to a man who was such a good player- but let this be an example to the rest of us.
  9. [quote user="ReadingCanary"] £20 on him to score any time  [/quote] Gambling is one of the lowest pits of despair and sin.
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