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  1. A cracking double appointment for the club if you ask me... Royle brings a wealth of experience AND a bulging contacts book. Holt brings with him the pride of having represented the club and having played his heart out - unlike some of the lot who pulled on the jersey last season. He''s exactly the sort of motivational figure we need. I seriously wonder at the state of some of the people that post on here - life really does imitate art doesn''t it - it''s like a verbal canary call...!
  2. [quote user="pete_norw"]If you come off M60 Sign posted Trafford park Freight Liner it is with in 5 minutes walk. just before the FL depot you come in to the Village and parking in 1st 2nd and 3rd Avenues are ideal in 2dn ave is a pub called the Village inn, I should point out its an industrial and not residential village a bit further on is Shaw road which leads you on to Busby Way[/quote] Very sensible info - coming from someone who works within spitting distance of Old Trafford - loads of parking in the industrial estates around this area - just be careful though to check street signs as there are some restricted areas on matchdays...
  3. One of my first City heroes and now he''s been struck down by the same evil disease that robbed me of my dear old Dad who brought me to Carrow Rd as a 6yr old... Tears in my eyes as I read that report... God bless to him & his family.
  4. In the gents toilets in a service station somewhere near Dijon on the A7 autoroute... Strangest thing was having a Pakistan branch of the Norwich City supporters club - working out in Islamabad about 20yrs ago there were 6 or 7 of us out there who were City fans...very bizarre...
  5. Yes, this may be the first post, but I''ve had to re-join as i''ve not been on here for so long as a poster but Wiz finally made me take the plunge. Wiz - it''s been reported on Silvio Berlusconi''s own media channel in Italy that the deal is done - it''s purely down to the player. Whether or not a player such as this can be persuaded to come to Norwich is purely down to the folks at the club now...but what a signing he would be if we''re successful!!!
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