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  1. Theyellowwolf

    New Captain

    Snoddy or Bassong
  2. Theyellowwolf

    Ruddy's successor (what if?)

    How about Begovic? Butland may be eazed in to be number 1 at stoke, leaving Begovic up for grabs. I know he was linked to top clubs in January but they have seemed to go quiet on him.
  3. Theyellowwolf

    Ruddy's successor (what if?)

    I would have to agree Ruffier is a great keeper, if we were able to get the right price for Ruddy we could certainly tempt Saint-Etienne
  4. Theyellowwolf

    Ruddy's successor (what if?)

    There are lots of rumours of our beloved goalkeeper being tempted by the prospect of playing for Chelsea....(well back up keeper). If the worst was to happen and Ruddy does force his way out of Norwich, and Norwich have to end up accepting a bid of around £10m, who would you like Hughton to sign as his successor?Some Possibilites:Kasper SchmeichelFraser Forster Alex SmithiesMaksym KovalBernd LenoDavid Marshall (again)I''m sure there are many more possibilites, so why not discuss who you would like to see between the posts if Ruddy was to leave.