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  1. FatGrant

    Grant Holt's goodbye

    fat cunt had one good season now he''s sacked off down to the level he should be at.
  2. FatGrant

    Your 2nd team?

    I dont understand how some of you can have soft spots for other teams in the same league. Benders
  3. FatGrant

    Your 2nd team?

    Arsenal?! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


    Mines Ipswich!

  4. Errrr, someone like Wigan maybe? He''d be better in the SPL, more his pace of football.
  5. Get rid, the boys shite.
  6. FatGrant

    Only 3 strikers now...

    I rate we''ll be in for Jones from Stoke or possibly even Altidore if it falls through with Blunderland.
  7. FatGrant

    Will Ruddy Go for £10M?

    Calm down soft chops, I''m a season ticket holder. I just dont rate him as high as you lot.
  8. FatGrant

    Will Ruddy Go for £10M?

    [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]If Mignolet is considered worth £11m, then goodness knows what Ruddy''s market value is! Got to be £15m+? Even for that we should not sell as he spreads so much confidence throughout the team.[/quote]So Ruddy is worth 15mil+ what is Begovic worth? The few times I''ve seen him he looks head and shoulders above Ruddy. The only thing Ruddy has on his side is the fact he''s English.
  9. FatGrant

    Since I am in Florida...

    Well we already know the highlight of your day is waking up and checking the transfer news.[img]http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/pdiddy-cash.gif[/img]
  10. FatGrant

    Since I am in Florida...

    What an amazing, interesting and fulfilling life you lead.

  11. FatGrant

    Will Ruddy Go for £10M?

    I cant believe some people ITT think he will actually go for £10 million. More like £6-8 million at the most!