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  1. He's not good enough for Arsenals first team is the general consensus and is a bit raw still. He should theoretically be good at championship level and looks a bit more of an accomplished finisher than Onel.
  2. Well as Placheta has returned to us, you would assume its a medium/long term injury. Plus we really shouldnt be relying on these type of players to push us on, as he hasnt pulled up any trees since his arrival, nor on loan, albeit his last loan seemed to be going well.
  3. Blew hot and cold for Huddersfield. Dont think he's anywhere good enough to be a player for us.
  4. Isnt this the chap on Twitter always posting dross. I suspect £1m wont be enough to tempt them to sell. They'd need more Jimmy Floyd Cashin The Bank
  5. Having just moved to rural norfolk its been lovely seeing all the muntjac in the garden, pheasants, rabbits, otters and resident stoat. Ive got a pond which im looking to dig out and make into smaller type of lake as well just to encourage any wildlife, albeit I will have to fence no doubt due to local otters. Plus ive seen some kind of Lynx cat which rushed off into the thick brush before i could take a photo.
  6. I think his appointment would of lifted supporters briefly, however I think he is just a woeful manager full stop and it would of ended in the same fashion as Dean Smith. Just speak to Derby fans about an accurate opinion on his management ability and only got the gig at Everton due to his name. Why we didn't appoint someone who could carry on in the same management style (attacking football) and philosophy of Daniel Farke is beyond me. We seemed to of realized our sense again now and appointed someone who shares a similar philosophy to the way we like to play, which in the short term looks encouraging.
  7. Scored 13 for QPR, i dont think he is as poor as others make out. Just a way behind what we currently have upfront. Will bully most defences in the championship. Good luck to the guy.
  8. Some pretty accurate stuff from back in November that he held talks but backed out of discussions in the final stages. I'll guess we'll never know, however my main point was pointing at forum members for the love in when we said to be in for him.
  9. And most of this forum were chomping at the bit to get him as our last manager. Albeit the pool which was given to us at the point was dire to say the least.
  10. Rio Ferdinand is pretty much Aarons's pimp. Always talking up any players he has on his books as thats how he makes his £. I wonder how long Max will be around for, its getting well into the January transfer window now so im inclined to say he'll stay until the summer and reassess.
  11. Quality player on his day. For whatever reason for the past 24 months he might of well not been here. A shame really as could of been a stand out player for us. Sometimes things dont work out, good luck to him.
  12. Like many players we have Dimi needs a run in the side to really assess him. Yes he has made mistakes but should really have the calibre to exceed expectations in the championship. I would expect to see improvements from him as the season progresses if he continues to play.
  13. Thanks for all the recommendations. St Helens sounds a good bet. Thanks Thumb
  14. Want to check out the Danomey kitchen, food looks good. I will just stroll round with the dog whilst the mrs canes my credit card in Zara.
  15. Thanks, yes i tried that last time and realised pretty quickly I had to leave.
  16. Any streets you can recommend?
  17. Hi all. I was hoping to draw down on all your local knowledge as ive just moved to Norfolk finally. To keep the mrs happy will be going to Norwich Saturday to take her shopping (yes im whipped). Any suggestions on parking as will take the dog and Norwich looks a bit of a nigthmare on the parking front, so any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  18. Gibson yes if any value there. Hanley no.
  19. TBH I think if Hugill got a run of games, albeit unlikely, he would probably prove more useful than Idah. Difficult to facilitate him playing one up front and is behind Pukki & Sargeant.
  20. I suspect you are reading in to one tweet far too much
  21. Well finally after 9 months of hell mainly caused by Fakenham solicitors and estate agents telling porkies my move to East Bilney is happening and ive timed it to perfection with Norwich City FC playing some great stuff on the field... If anyone has any useful contacts local to this area or in terms of where to go doctors / dentists etc it would be most helpful. Thanks all and merry christmas
  22. Looked ok I thought the other evening, especially considering he is returning from injury. Got caught massively out of position where Gibson covered him well to prevent a potential issue. We'll soon go from being a problem position to be well stocked for leftbacks, so it will be interesting to see who emerges as first team choice.
  23. He'll come in for Hayden I expect.
  24. A far too ambitious appointment for us.
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