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  1. jaberry2

    Team for Wolves

    We might actually be able to get some points from this game then, providing he does hate Wolves. Sounds alright in my book this guy
  2. There manifesto stinks. There are numerous horrible policies Tory voters love, however none of them are particularly feasible.
  3. HELLO. I’m home secretary Priti Patel, and soon I’ll start deporting even the white ones. So are you economically inactive and useless? Retired You’ve worked your entire life so it’s time to sit back, relax and sign up for hauling turnips out of the ground or a role in the hospitality industry. I hear old people whining about feeling isolated and unwanted, but I don’t see them working as baristas at Starbucks. Student Many students have part-time jobs during term time and full-time jobs in the holidays. That’s not enough. You’re young. You need to be working at least one full-time and one part-time during term, and two full-times and a part-time in the summer. Don’t make us raise tuition fees again. Carer Caring is a job? P*ss off. If you’re doing it for free – perhaps for an elderly relative or sick child – then you’re hurting yourself and hurting Britain. Stop being so selfish and care for somebody else’s 95-year-old mother for a change. And make sure they pay for it. Long-term sick To put it politely, it’s time to either void or vacate the bathroom. A buccaneering, vibrant, low-tax, post-Brexit economy can’t afford passengers. A job at a roadside car wash might kill the seriously ill, but at least you wouldn’t die a burden. I know what I’d choose. Other If you cannot be bothered to specify why you’re economically inactive, then I certainly can’t be bothered to consider your reasons valid. Report to the east coast of Britain. We need untrained people out there on trawlers catching fish and fighting off Spanish fishermen.
  4. I would like more intelligent politicians. We can all dream.
  5. jaberry2

    Team for Wolves

    ^not this
  6. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. What are you referring to?? I have never claimed to be 'ITK' and figures quoted were stated in this morning papers.
  8. Uninterested in a stadium expansion at present. Interested in investment in the clubs infrastructure throughout and more importantly the first team XI and Under 23's additions. Ps. I would bite their arm off for £80million for the pair. However this story stems from the Daily Express....and I wouldn't read too much into those made up figures for the time being.
  9. jaberry2

    Hanley chosen....

    Probably true, but they'll both be handy next season anyways...
  10. jaberry2

    Looking ahead

    TBH whoever goes out of our younger talent we should make some serious money from and we should be able to acquire a decent squad to challenge next season if we do go down. I have seen nothing this season which would prove otherwise. Wonder who would take a punt on Pukki given his age, but if rumors are to be believed during the January transfer window Manure were looking at some veteran goalscorers likes Glenn Murray of Brighton, so imagine there will be suitors for Pukki come the summer. Comes down to money and whether he wants to play at a higher level again. Time will tell.
  11. jaberry2


    Bunch of bias to$$ers with little to say on MOTD. They need to freshen things up on the pundit side of things and take a leaf out of the book from other shows, which are far superior in terms of coverage from the lower leagues.
  12. jaberry2

    Sean raggett

    Always good to hear good reports coming back from loaned out players like Raggett. Can only be a positive from an investment perspective. Cant see him ever being part of our current set up and will no doubt be sold come the summer.
  13. jaberry2

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    I grew up as an Arsenal fan, as my dad and brother are Arsenal fans. I switched about the age of 8. Plus there is nothing nice about Tottenham.
  14. jaberry2

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    Tottenham Man Utd Ipswich
  15. Blind optimism, but if we can get the right mix / first team out there and can keep the confidence high we should be able to pick up further points. Enough to not get relegated - highly doubtful.
  16. jaberry2


    I dont think I'd judge a player on one display, plus he is probably a little rusty due to not starting regularly. He's a proven goalscorer and I would imagine he'd be one of the top performers in the championship.
  17. jaberry2

    Transfer rumour ..

    Judging from Farke's comments it sounds like he will be one for next year. Looks like someone who is direct and quick, with arguably a better end product than Hernadez. Him and Hernadez on the wings would be good if we are in the champ.
  18. jaberry2


    Would support Idah going on loan providing we have enough cover, which I dont think we have currently. Drmic hasn't played a lot, so a bit hard for people to judge him on 10/15 minutes here and there, especially in the 3/4 games he's played.
  19. I was tuned into the dodgy stream where it was Hoddle.
  20. Yeah that was him...
  21. jaberry2

    Turning on Farke

    I think its fair to say Rupp is clearly not a winger. Paddy Davitt scored him a 7 for last nights display, but I thought he offered very little in that position. Very hard to judge a player this early on and he does need time to settle in, despite us not having that privilege.
  22. The most annoying thing about last night was listening to Glenn Hoddle doing the commentary. He's such an utter helm