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  1. I have a feeling he will I think the contract will be signed within the next couple of weeks and I believe even if we went down he would stay one season to help out.
  2. If we get relegated there will have to be a major reshuffle and knowing are directors all assets will be sold and freebies/loans brought in come the summer anyway, I thought we could do predictions on who will leave and stay and values they would go for.   just copy and paste below and make changes where neccesary...     Jon Otsemobor stay David Bell 1m sold Stuart Nelson stay David Marshall 1m sold Carl Cort stay Declan Rudd stay Lee Croft stay Darel Russell 400k sold Elliot Omozusi gone Adam Drury stay Dejan Stefanovic stay Gary Doherty stay Omar Koroma gone Wes Hoolahan 700k sold Rob Eagle stay Matty Pattison stay Jamie Cureton sold free Mark Fotheringham sold free (HOPEFUL) Sammy Clingam sold 1-2m Arturo Lupoli gone Jonathan Grounds gone Ryan Bertrand gone   Its not looking great!!!    
  3. I saw Curo and Otsemoboor in Nando''s the day before Jamie was announced he had been loaned out!
  4. double barrelled spurs defender troy archibald something or other
  5. Fulham striker Collins John has joined Dutch side NEC Nijmegen on a free transfer.
  6. I shall try and track his address, "i shall get my guns out and shoot these turnip farmers" grow up you sad little c**t
  7. I only post when I have something relevant to say ncfcstar, as I said if proved wrong I will hold my hands up, if I am right then just recognise!
  8. I actually hadn''t realised he scored at the weekend, the thing is if that is true and he has been the main target, we were all kidding ourselves with ameobi, iverson etc and we really had set our sights low..
  9. [quote user="blahblahblah"]Next best option after Iversen is my guess.  Might still leave something in the pot for Ameobi possibly ?  or am I dreaming ?[/quote]   Dreaming!
  10. Andy Bishop due for a medical tomorrow 85% sure , not really that impressed Judge my word tomorrow afternoon
  11. ha ha, in this years one anybody noticed that robert eagle has almost wonderkid stats??!! ....AND strihavka and brellier are toted as our best 2 players..
  12. Just completed full season with this years squad on Champ Mgr and got promoted via playoff''s admittedly with help from Bojan up front.  Cureton 27 goals, Bell Scored 10 times, bertrand 8 goals at left back.  All we need is Bojan Cmon Roeder!!!!
  13. I like how they have no changed the article too steve walsh...8 years ha ha
  14. No Convenience about it, It was too show our best SQUAD in the last 10 years and how even then it was not premiership worth, but even worse how our current squad steads against
  15. thats what I thought, but to be fair we are comparing one too henderson, a terd that can make most shine
  16. Squad wise Then                                             Now Green                                           Marshall Drury                                            Drury Fleming                                         Spillane Doherty                                         Doherty Huckerby                                      Hoolahan Mulryne                                         Russell Holt                                               Clingham Jonson                                           Croft Bentley                                          Bertrand Brennan                                         Lappin Gallacher                                       Arnold McKenzie                                      Martin Rivers                                            Chadwick Edworthy                                       Otsemeboor McVeigh                                        Eagle Svensson                                        Renton Francis                                           Fotheringham Ward                                             Rudd Henderson                                      Lathrope Shackell                                          Shackell Ashton                                             Cureton Helveg       Jarvis Jarvis Who  of our current squad is better?    
  17. I have just pulled these from memory but this summer we have been linked with........... Ameobi  2 Rasiak  4 Tyson  1 Bell  3 Gow  4 Eastwood  1 Rigters  4 Evans  4 Gibbs  5 Morrison  1 Frecklingham  3 Garner  3 Mpenza  1 Phillips  1 Carroll (Andy)  3 Christenval  1 Skoko  1 Sibierski  3 Roberts (Jason)  1 Beckford  2 Idiakez  1 Taylor  1 Who of these do you think would make a great difference and who do you think would make the other championship clubs sit up and recognise?? I have also rated 1 to 5 the likelihood of them coming, great to hear what the rest of you think.
  18. Lee is a good player, but once again a midfielder!!!!! Made it into his leagues team of the season though..
  19. unless martin has crawled up his own ass, may have to find him and bring him back.........maybe........possibly...............so bored!!!!
  20. Huckerby, Brellier, Smith, Lappin and Saffri?
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