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  1. Just having a perusal on twitter and simon thomas has just said it is looking increasingly likely that there will be a swap deal invokving Pilks and Boltons Chung-Yong Lee.

    I remember Lee before his injury in the premier league and he caused teams a lot of problems, has his form dipped since the injury?

  2. I have just found out I am interviewing Chris Hughton for a personality piece at 4 today and am currently preparing some questions and bullet points. I thought some of you may be able to help with questions you would like to ask on his part, present and future? Please be quick though i have to furnish this to my Editor by 3!!

  3. guys I am just writing, well, to defend my mates honour I havent spoken to him as yet but he is not racist if he is well its odd that i made friends with him through one of our mutual asian friends, also if u can check his page on fbook he started a group about stopping racism over a yr ago. just cant believe how papers can misrepresent someone his account may or may not have been hacked but that is the only scenario i can think this has happened.

  4. If the rumours are true, Bowkett announced last night we are Lambert is going to have £42m available to invest in the squad.This has got me hooked on FM again, I am so excited as to what kind of players we are going to sign.  I would imagine Lambert is going to keep with the same mindset of players that want to be here and want to win, but with this kind of budget we could be in for a really interesting summer.This thread isn''t here to argue about whether we should gamble this much money or not, but to post genuine potential players who would want to come to Norwich, because what we were posting earlier was a wish list of players say if we were investing £10-15m where as now the possibilities are much more extreme.I would like to see a few proven premiership players like Stephen Ireland, Johan Elmander (free), Peter Crouch, Chris Samba along with a handful of championship players and lower like kebe, bennet, graham, scanell etc.Lets here some variety of players because we are all repeating the same players, anybody heard any links???

  5. Hey Guys,Just thought you would be interested to know that we have 5 players in the Actim Index Hoolahoop, Crofts, Holt, Ruddy and R Martin.We have more players then any other club with 5, followed by Leeds(4), QPR, Swansea, Forest(3), Watford(2) and Cardiff, Reading, Leicester, Portsmouth and Docaster(1)http://soccernet.espn.go.com/stats/actim/_/league/eng.2/english-league-championship?cc=5739A 1/5 of the top performing players in the league play for us!!
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