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  1. I`d forgotten this one
  2. My measure of how great an atmosphere at Carrow Road is has always been that last gasp winner from Simeone Jackson against Derby 3-2. I can wholeheartedly say that Saturdays game against Man City beats that......by quite a distance in my eyes. The whole ground was fantastic for noise throughout the game but especially toward the end when each crunching tackle was met with a standing ovation and huge applause....backing our boys to finish the job. Outstanding!
  3. Flecky10

    Things you love to see...

    Love that clip, and remember it well from Saturday sat in the Barclay. It was interesting to hear that in an interview with Pukki he explained that he has been coached to keep himself in the game by tracking back when needed and being more involved throughout the game. One thing we know is that he isn't a lazy 'stay up front' kind of forward. Love it!
  4. Flecky10


    That pass from Steiperman to Cantwell setting up the third goal for Pukki......priceless!
  5. Flecky10

    James Norwood - No words

    Perhaps I am as my first game was a 2 - 2 home draw with Liverpool back in Feb 94 and so since then have seen relatively strong success over them.
  6. Flecky10

    James Norwood - No words

    I personally think the "gap" will remain in terms of status and financial stability for the foreseeable future and that has been mostly down to the great divide increasing between the Premier League and some would argue now the Championship. There is an increasing amount of clubs in financial trouble, most notably Bolton Wanders, who have great history in the game and for whatever reason are struggling to survive. We have been fortunate to remain on the side that allows us to both compete and be financial secure and long may it continue but for those less fortunate it`ll be a long hard struggle to get out of where they find themselves.
  7. Flecky10

    James Norwood - No words

    It's a funny old game and nothing is certain so will be interesting to see how the league progresses. Ultimately though, couldn't really care less about Ip**** and agree with a lot of comments about them being insignificant.
  8. Flecky10

    James Norwood - No words

    Agreed, but at least it was after winning something
  9. A great role model for all aspiring young footballers! Binners!
  10. Flecky10

    fubo tv

    Ron, if you've got a friend who has Sky you could always get on their Sky Go account and watch it live that way
  11. Flecky10

    Result v Liverpool

    Wish they'd both retire and leave punditry for good......just grumpy old men! Don't even get me started on Souness!
  12. Flecky10

    Result v Liverpool

    ........or Ruddy between the sticks......poor chap
  13. Flecky10

    Result v Liverpool

    Something to shut up the press and those annoying pundits Lawro and Hansen