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  1. plymouth canary

    Best position for Elmander?

    I tweeted during the match about being frustrated with him constantly trying flicks and messing them up and since then have had several abusive messages in Turkish from Galatasaray fans! Better hope they don''t see this thread! haha
  2. plymouth canary

    Team News for Hull

    From the official City Twitter account -

    Norwich City FC ‏@NorwichCityFC 1m

    Chris Hughton: ''We have some bad news on Elliott Bennett. He has a problem with his knee that will keep him out for a few months.''
  3. plymouth canary

    He was crap but we loved him anyway

    [quote user="mrdi"]

    In recent times, I couldn''t fail but have a soft spot for The Doc - so bad upfront we put him at the back (where arguably he did more damage at times), turning circle of a broken A380 aircraft, tackling more akin to amateur rugby, slower than an overloaded milkfloat, but still... couldn''t not like him. Of course, there were times he''d put himself in the way of things that nobody else would, but still...[/quote]

    Though this was 2 or 3 pages ago, this is the funniest thing I''ve read so far this week
  4. plymouth canary

    Will Norwich have an English Int. at Brazil?

    While I agree that Turner SHOULD get a chance, I don''t see it ever happening to be honest. Not a big enough name. Ruddy should be nailed on and possibly Hooper has a chance. Perhaps I''m too pessimistic
  5. plymouth canary

    Away Kit

    I always assumed that we don''t use blue and white due to it being the colours of our rivals. Kind of like how Liverpool fans were up in arms over their 3rd kit with blue on a few years ago.
  6. plymouth canary

    If Holt goes we will get relegated?

    I don''t think so, strikers who come in will almost certainly be as good, if not better footballers. Loss of such a big influence could certainly pose a problem, but I don''t think we''d go down
  7. It''s possible that players have been signed anyway, just not announced
  8. plymouth canary

    Taking Wazzy's Ref Watch A Bit Too Far,

    I almost don''t believe what I''ve just read.
  9. plymouth canary

    Your 2nd team?

    Having been born in Norwich but grown up in Plymouth, I''ve occasionally gone to matches at Home Park and usually keep an eye on how they''re doing, but I don''t think I could class Plymouth as a second team, as I really don''t care too much if (rather when) they lose!
  10. plymouth canary

    Press conf 2.00pm

    Just seen this Carlo Nash thing on Twitter, among dozens of similar tweets-

    Chris Goreham ‏@CGoreham 6m

    #ncfc transfer rumour update: I''m hearing that Redmond is close and there may be something in the Carlo Nash reports. Watching this space
  11. plymouth canary

    away kit colour?

    Everton, too
  12. plymouth canary

    away kit colour?

    Pink didn''t look too bad for Juve a few years ago.. though that bright pink that Oldham had for breast cancer wasn''t too clever!
  13. plymouth canary

    Nathan Redmond Looks like he's chosen us!

    Without City-tinted glasses, would you choose us or Everton, if you were Redmond and both offered you the same money?

    I think I''d still choose Norwich, with RVW incoming and a a stability that may or may not be at Everton come the start of the season, Martinez could take Everton plummeting down the table.
  14. plymouth canary

    away kit colour?

    Good point. Also rules out blue then, we''re usually limited to white, black or green so I would imagine it will be one of those. I think a striped shirt would look quite nice and something a bit different, if untraditional.