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  1. I have a championship winning 2003/04 away shirt signed by entire squad. It''s never been worn. Currently framed but for posting purposes I will remove it from the frame. Anyone interested? Offer me a price.
  2. I have a collection of all home programmes from 95/96 through to 97/98 seasons and a selection of older ones from 1992, 93, 94 and some even older. If you are missing any from your collection please let me know and i will see if I have them for a little charge of course :) Thanks All
  3. cheers lordywasnt aware of the legal issues so appreciate all your help
  4. Apologies if this has been posted however I heard earlier in the week that the game is being shown live in Norway!!Does this mean a live feed this afternoon? If so, Does anyone have the link.Cheers
  5. did you enjoy it colchester? I love the extra part of the DVD when they are parading around the city.  Excellent times!!!
  6. i wont put the e-bay link up here as i will get in trouble!!! You can bid on it for the next 3 days or so.    If interested please check it out on e-bay
  7. wasnt aware i was breaking forum rules I do apologise!!
  8. i know serious isnt it. Cheers for the mesage lucky.  Surely there is someone out there who wants to watch 3 hours of that glorious campaign again!!  The bus parade round the city was unforgettable!
  9. i would be happy to sell my worthy champions dvd. 
  10. with those stats in his career he has scored an average of 1 goal every 3.85 games.  Average but hopefully he can pick up from where he left Wolves and keep injury free!!!!! Must be cheaper than sibi so thats also a positive!!!
  11. I have an away shirt signed by the championship winning team.  Not sure how much that is worth but willing to listen to realistic offers. Let me know Cheers
  12. sorry to promote myself on this thread also but I have full home programmes from 1996 - 1998 if anyone is in need of individual programmes or the full set please reply
  13. Hi I have a copy that im willing to sell on DVD.  Looking for £40,  If I cant get that I will be putting it on e-bay.  Let me know what you think
  14. I am a IT recruitment consultant in the city centre  - I notice a  few web desginers on the forum.  If you are looking for a new role please contact me aking@qualitaspeople.com   Cheers
  15. Please let me explain the title of this post before anyone having a go at me!! Roeder would not have seen much of Norwich before taking the job and now he has seen the best average and worst we can play. I think yesterday could be a good thing as he now had a hands on view of what is wrong with the club at the moment.  I think he will now use this 2 week break to change the wrongs and we will see a much different side at home to Coventry, Plus this break can give our injured players a chance to get back to full fitness. Lets noit forget although its bad at the moment we have a new man in charge and we have games to put it right. If we are still in this position at the end of Jan my view may change but at the moment lets get right behind him and give him a chance to succeed which I think he will
  16. I have just heard that a huge storm has just hit Yarmouth and its heading for Norwich, Hopefully it passes before the game tongiht as I cant imagine there being many places to hide from the rain!!!
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