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  1. I have a championship winning 2003/04 away shirt signed by entire squad. It''s never been worn. Currently framed but for posting purposes I will remove it from the frame. Anyone interested? Offer me a price.
  2. I have a collection of all home programmes from 95/96 through to 97/98 seasons and a selection of older ones from 1992, 93, 94 and some even older. If you are missing any from your collection please let me know and i will see if I have them for a little charge of course :) Thanks All
  3. cheers lordywasnt aware of the legal issues so appreciate all your help
  4. Apologies if this has been posted however I heard earlier in the week that the game is being shown live in Norway!!Does this mean a live feed this afternoon? If so, Does anyone have the link.Cheers
  5. did you enjoy it colchester? I love the extra part of the DVD when they are parading around the city.  Excellent times!!!
  6. i wont put the e-bay link up here as i will get in trouble!!! You can bid on it for the next 3 days or so.    If interested please check it out on e-bay
  7. wasnt aware i was breaking forum rules I do apologise!!
  8. i know serious isnt it. Cheers for the mesage lucky.  Surely there is someone out there who wants to watch 3 hours of that glorious campaign again!!  The bus parade round the city was unforgettable!
  9. i would be happy to sell my worthy champions dvd. 
  10. with those stats in his career he has scored an average of 1 goal every 3.85 games.  Average but hopefully he can pick up from where he left Wolves and keep injury free!!!!! Must be cheaper than sibi so thats also a positive!!!
  11. I have an away shirt signed by the championship winning team.  Not sure how much that is worth but willing to listen to realistic offers. Let me know Cheers
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