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  1. Now you are showing your true colours LDC.Next week we have the most important game since May 2005, at the same ground, against the same opposition, for the same reason.And all you care about is continuing your crusade against people who disagreed with you about a manager who is no longer employed by our club.And yet you have the cheek to talk about "backing the board" and about "point scoring".If we were to take you and Reggie out of this forum right now we would be left with hundreds of people who are looking forward. You are looking backwards. Either shut up and back Adams and the team in their attempts to save us from potential financial ruin and a wholesale destruction of our club, or just f*ck off.
  2. Maybe everybody should start by uniting against Reggie and LDC then, if we want the bickering to stop?
  3. I think you need to stop it with the negativity and bickering and support the team. The next 5 games pretty much make or break this club.  The Hughton In and Hughton Out debate is officially now over.
  4. Time to pipe down and stop the politics and bickering now.Your man has gone Lakey, now support the boards decision and focus on the football and the team.Everybody is in the same boat now..... what happens over the next 5 games has a huge impact on the health of the club, the standard of the squad, and the calibre of manager that we have next season.Stay up and we can have our pick of managers, go down and we basically get Malky Mackay at best.So whether you wanted Hughton in, or Hughton out, he has gone now and it is all about who we want in the summer..... which will depend on what division we are in.
  5. Not the same scenario....During the season we sold Ekoku, Robins, and Culverhouse.Bryan Gunn broke his leg and we had several terrible loan keepers (Tracey, Hallworth, Rhodes), had sold Scott Howie, and were left with an 18 year old Andy Marshall in goal who was nowhere near ready.John Deehan resigned, was not sacked.So unless Van Wolfswinkel and Hooper go AWOL, and Ruddy and Bunn break their legs, and Olsson gets injured in training this week..... the situation isn''t comparable.
  6. "SKYBET have him at 11/2 for next manager to go , looks like we are stuck with the fool"Thanks for sharing the odds.... £55 better off this morning, huzzah!
  7. "quick google shows he is A holder of the UEFA ''A'' Coaching Licence. - so yes, he is qualified."You need a UEFA Pro License to be a Premier League manager.So he isn''t qualified to be given the job permanently unless we can convince the FA to make an exception.You don''t need a UEFA Pro License to be a caretaker.
  8. "To be fair I''d fully expect Tottenham, Swansea, and us to replace all our managers with bigger names"Garry Monk has been groomed as a future Swansea manager for years so not so sure about that one. They have a unique footballing philosophy that was starting to be destroyed by Laudrup who was turning them into a more conventional team, his dismissal and Monk''s appointment signaled a desire to return to that foundation.
  9. Oh dear:"not because he is black, but because that''s what happens to all managers"
  10. If people think that criticising a club for sacking a black manager is going to help with getting more black managers opportunities then they are deranged.If we get stick for sacking Hughton then who on earth is going to want to appoint a black manager when they will inevitably have to sack him one day (not because he is black, but because that''s what happens to black managers).Talk about being counter productive..... let''s round on a club who just gave a black manager almost two full seasons of employment, more than the EPL average job length, to show everybody how big and bad the clubs are.To sack a black manager you have to appoint a black manager! Paul Ince got himself the sack by touting his son a freebie, costing his employers millions of pounds. Keith Alexander died.Chris Hughton will get himself another job this summer.Chris Powell just spent three years as Charlton boss.The Daily Mirror used the race card with the Powell sacking too. Want to know who is racist? The Daily f*cking Mirror.
  11. "I like everyone else on this board and who supports the club wish him all the best of success"Then I apologise if you aren''t criticising the appointment of Adams, which I thought you were. There are quite a few people criticising the club over this though, LDC and Mrs Miggins appear to be very upset.
  12. I''m disgusted that we have just sacked the only 5ft 7" tall manager in the league.Tall chaps like Wenger and Allardyce get jobs whilst short people are discriminated against.Shortism!
  13. "Huge gamble"Keeping Hughton would also have been a huge gamble.It is like walking over to a roulette table and putting all of your chips on red or black.If Hughton is red and Adams is black..... then I''m happy for us to put all of our chips on black.Some would have wanted us to put all of our chips on red. So be it. Hopefully putting them on black pays off.
  14. Not really..... It is from player to Under 14 coach, to UEFA A Licensed FA Youth cup winning Under 18 manager, to Caretaker first team manager.Neil Warnock happens to be a radio pundit and talkshow participant, does that in some way devalue his professional achievements?Hughton went from coach to caretaker for Newcastle.  As has Sherwood at Spurs.
  15. "from Radio Norfolk pundit to managing an EPL side"He has been coaching at the club for almost 10 years.
  16. "I guess McNally left himself with no time to bring in one of the people he told us he would always be aware of as a managerial appointment"Why would any manager worth their salt want to walk into this club and take the credit for Hughton''s relegation?Why would Lennon forfeit his bus top title parade and end of season party for a relegation on his CV for example?A caretaker was our only option, and appointing somebody who already knows the players and has worked with the players, seen them train and understands the politics behind closed doors is the right choice for the interim.
  17. "but lets not lose sight of just how much of a gamble it is"Keeping Hughton and hoping he can magic up just the fourth away win of his Norwich career would have been a huge gamble.
  18. Question: What the *** is the board doingAnswer: Made the inevitable slightly less inevitable
  19. Ruddy has previously criticized the negativity but could be anyone really.Pilkington?
  20. "and the media saying this is horrendous timing"Well it is really.... should have gone much earlier. But he didn''t and so better late than never.
  21. I was a bit shocked to see that from Redmond just a few hours after the sacking.Unless the players knew a lot earlier, e.g. Saturday night.
  22. That''s quoted from the pinkun article, so is Paddy Davitt''s perception.The club quote that I can find is:“The Norwich City board has taken the decision to give the club the maximum chance to secure the points required between now and the end of the season to ensure retention of our Premier League status"McNally quote:"With our fantastic fans getting behind Neil and the team in the games ahead we will greatly improve our chances of a successful end to the current campaign.”Which are left to interpretation admittedly. I think it will be confirmed that he is a caretaker today.I doubt we will have sat down and hammered out a contract with Neil Adams on the day of sacking Hughton, almost certainly an interim manager. I do hope that he is temporary, but then again I hope he is successful! Just hope he is respected amongst the players, wonder whether Loza is on a 24 hour recall.
  23. Right so when we were calling for Hughton''s head "we weren''t supporting the club" according to Lakey and his merry band of misfits.Now the table has turned and most of us are supporting the clubs decision, and so Lakey is not the one supporting the club?Adams as caretaker was the obvious move, probably too late but better late than never.If he has just a one game honeymoon period against Fulham he could keep us up. Be nice to see if he has any of his own ideas or perceptions of who should and shouldn''t be playing....... based on what he sees in training and behind closed doors.
  24. Redderz ‏@NathanRedmond22 4h Wrestlemania or nah? 
  25. "Norwich City have dismissed Chris Hughton and his coaching team on Sunday night and appointed FA Youth Cup winning coach Neil Adams with immediate effect for the rest of the Premier League season"
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