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  1. "Livid" a commonly used word that I''ve heard or read thousands of times.Apparently made famous by a sketch which I''ve never seen before from a sketch show which finished in 1982, before many of us were born, so famous that it has just 600,000 youtube views in 5 years.Congratulations Number 9 for the most ridiculous accusation ever made. I think you should probably be ashamed.
  2. The press conference did seem to confirm that Hughton wasn''t very happy.I''d rather him be angry at his sacking than pleased.... as the latter would mean he was simply happy to take his compo and go and sit on a beach.He gets paid just as much for getting the sack, and I can''t imagine Glen Roeder was all that angry about getting his pay off if it is true that he would sit in his car when it was raining and lock himself in his office to watch the horse racing.
  3. "Is that the plan b you hope to see implemented?"It will be nice to have a manager who has a plan B.There is nothing wrong with playing ugly to grind out results, look at where we are in the table FFS.Whilst you are at it look where Stoke are, they have resorted to Pulis tactics frequently this season. Look where West Ham are after Carroll''s return playing Allardyce football. Look where Crystal Palace are.All of those teams make partial use of route one, as did Lambert at times in all three divisions.If we need to play ugly and pump balls into the box to get something out of a game then so be it..... Lambert would have done it. Football purists may hate it.... but are you suggesting we try and out pass Liverpool and Arsenal? Or should we do it the Hughton way and put all men behind the ball and leave Elmander up front on his own, trying and failing to shut out a team full of world class players? A direct physical approach to those games, particularly the away fixtures, may well be a good idea.... yes. What is your idea?
  4. "This is madness and becoming very disillusional"What is delusional? A club daring to give a young player a chance? Southampton have done alright with a few 18 year olds, as have Liverpool. I accept that Fulham wouldn''t be the right game.
  5. This post isn''t intended to be defeatist.But if we did go down, and you could keep just eight senior players (ignore kids) for our Championship season, who would they be?Ignore players being unhappy, or contracts, or likely wages, just eight players to build a team around with everybody else leaving. Mine would probably be: John RuddyRussell MartinMichael TurnerBradley JohnsonJohnny HowsonWes HoolahanRobert SnodgrassGary HooperSelecting 8 British & Irish players was not my original intention it just worked out that way, which actually is quite telling considering our two flagship signings last summer were Dutch, and goes to show how much I think Bassong has gone backwards because he was my POTS vote last season. I decided against Tettey because of his frequent injuries, and leaving Olsson out was a drag - went for the less talented player in Martin, but one who is a leader. Is quite a difficult task!
  6. The Championship is a great league.The worst thing about relegation will be watching three years of transfer windows being undone in one savage summer, bemused as the likes of Leicester and Burnley circle like vultures trying to snatch your best players and being left to replace them with players who have more chance of being a Carl Robinson than a Johnny Howson.
  7. "We beat Southampton 1-0 when they were sixth"I''m 99% sure you are joking, 1% worried that you are counting the 3rd game of the season!
  8. Well all of these clubs at least have appointed a black manager in recent history:Newcastle (x2)BirminghamNorwichMacclesfield (x2)MK DonsBlackburnNotts CountyBlackpoolLeicesterCharlton (x2)LincolnPeterboroughTranmereWolvesAnd that''s just the CV of Ince, Hughton, Powell, Alexander, Barnes, Connor. So you can take those off of the list of 92 clubs.
  9. Lightweight? Has always looked bloody massive to me and looked to have learnt from the Holt school of knowing when to hold the ball up and when to draw a foul and take a tumble.Maybe Loza then. Just thinking of ideas. In terms of changing things Adams has Becchio, Garrido, Whittaker, Fox, Pilkington, Turner (I think he is fit?), R Bennett, plus kids.Unfortunately that leaves us pretty limited in attack & midfield in terms of freshening things up. Pilkington is the big one, if he can get him motivated could be a huge player to come in if he can get himself up for a fight.
  10. Exactly what I said Devil''s advocate.... in order to sack a black manager you have to have appointed one in the first place!
  11. My thinking on Carlton Morris was that if it came down to it we could just stick Morris and Becchio on the pitch, ditch inverted wingers, and just pumped balls into the box Wimbledon / Pulis style.It is a tactic which Lambert wasn''t afraid to pull out of the bag for an ugly equaliser with Holt and Morrison up top and Fox and Pilkington just whipping balls into the front or near post.That was what Lambert offered up as a plan B.
  12. "Sacking him was nuts.  The one thing everyone agrees on is that Hughton could set-up and grind draws and wins out of the big teams.  We have four of those to play"Everybody agrees with that do they? Well I don''t, so must be everybody apart from me. Our results against the top six this season: Norwich 2-2 EvertonNorwich 1-3 ChelseaNorwich 1-4 ArsenalNorwich 0-4 Man UtdNorwich 0-7 Man City Norwich 1-5 LiverpoolNorwich 0-1 Man UtdNorwich 0-2 EvertonNorwich 0-0 Man CityWhat wins?
  13. "well i''m one of the customers and the issue here is not that he''s been sacked, but who we''ve got in"It makes 100% complete sense to appoint Adams with just 5 games to go, somebody who knows the players and the politics at the club.
  14. Whenever I''ve seen this guy play, which admittedly isn''t that much but a few times at least, he has looked like a real man and ready for senior football. Last year in the FA Youth Cup win I''d have had him down as the player who was ready (above Loza and the Murphy''s).Is strange how Loza and both of the Murphy''s have got first team football this season (two on loan one here) but Morris seems to be the forgotten man.With our strikers struggling for confidence, anybody think there is potential for a young player like Morris, or Loza if we have a recall clause, to come in and have a go? Sure we can all remember the impact that a young Chris Martin had up front alongside Huckerby in our great escape under Roeder.Sure this is going to be shot down as an idea, but Adams doesn''t exactly have a wealth of options when it comes to freshening things up a bit other than hoping that Pilkington, Becchio and Garrido are fit and motivated.I''m sure that Adams will be looking to change things in some way, but there isn''t exactly a big pool of talent waiting in the wings, is too late for Fox.
  15. I''d take a point but it would probably leave us needing to take something from our final four fixtures.Fulham have yet to play Stoke, Hull and Palace. Palace could have cracked open the champagne by then.
  16. We post on a largely unmoderated forum where there are frequent incidents of racism, homophobia, lies, and occasionally threats of violence.None of them come from me so I''m not expecting a libel case or a visit from the police anytime soon, but thanks for your concern.
  17. "you need to be very careful what you write on here le juge before you offend the wrong person.  Your not as invisible as you think you are"Is that a threat?
  18. "I don''t know why, but I''m fearing a two flat lines of 4 in a 442"Lambert got it to work at times.
  19. "You guys and your hypocrisy crack me up, you really do"I''m seeing hypocrisy coming from the other direction, particularly constantly being fed the "back the board" line, where we should have got behind and supported Hughton because that is what the board wanted.So now it seems that most of the fans are backing the clubs decision, which was what you always wanted wasn''t it? The big question now is whether you are backing the clubs decision, or whether the tables are turned and you now have an issue with what the board have done? I can sense a bit of bitterness and resentment from a few posters, yourself included.Time to all get behind the team and leave the politics until the last ball has been kicked.
  20. You don''t think I deserve the right of reply to that rancid foul mouthed diatribe from Ref Jez Davies?
  21. "No sympathy for him losing his father??? Mate you are an utter (unt"Right so I say the words: "I have sympathy for his personal issues", and you somehow manage to conclude that I have no sympathy for him losing his father so that you can find an excuse to launch a foul mouthed tirade against me because of a grudge that you have from a former life when your username was Ref Jez Davies? Good one. Pr*ck.
  22. I placed a bet shortly after my post at 3.12am yesterday morning, yes.I also have 4/1 on us getting relegated, place about a month ago, and I hope that one doesn''t pay off.
  23. It is apparent that Morty and LDC are still heavily emotionally invested in the Hughton In vs Hughton Out debate.That debate is over, time to worry about the future of our football club.Real Norwich fans will be thinking and talking about Fulham away and the four fixtures which follow, not thinking about petty point scoring and pointless past arguments about something which is now officially a historic subject.Arguing about Hughton now, what is the point? Shall we argue about Bruce Rioch and Mike Walker?Everybody needs to let go and unite against Neil Adams, and then resume arguments when the last ball is kicked this season.
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