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  1. See these words used a lot about Hughton, particularly by people who want to send us all on a guilt trip. Are we saying that Adams doesn''t possess these traits? Because seems like a thoroughly decent bloke to me? So one nice bloke out, one nice bloke in, no damage done to the nice bloke quota?
  2. The LMA are paid to represent their members, by their members. Hughton wouldn''t exactly have been presented with a cheque at the point of dismissal, he will want to get his pay off sorted before taking another job. I''d hope that we will settle with him at the end of the season so he can just got and get another job, served two of his three years - could have been a much worse situation. Of course he would put a statement like this out, because: a) He is in the market for a job and b) Wants his compo. He isn''t going to put out a statement saying "fair play, I underperformed, I deserved the sack".
  3. For what its worth I think Adams was the right appointment as a caretaker manager, but would be the wrong appointment in the summer. I''d like to think he would stay at the club if he didn''t get the job.
  4. And similar such comments. Firstly, no he bloody isn''t, Adams is one of the brightest young coaches around. Whether he is management material is still up for debate, because Peter Grant was one of the brightest young coaches around when we gave him his first job. Bryan Gunn had been fannying around as commercial manager drinking pims with sponsors for a decade or more. Secondly, I don''t care if he is like Gunn, Delia has said that Neil''s target is three points. Gunn won his first game. If Neil does nothing other than beat Fulham then he has drastically improved our chances, so if he wants to do a Gunn then fine, the mistake can only come in the summer when we are given a clear choice between keeping Adams or appointing somebody high profile. A win against Fulham, or a draw at Fulham and another point or two before the end of the season, and Adams has improved our chances.
  5. "Although Hodgson kept them up, his total of 23 points from 21 games" That''s 1.1 points per game. If Hughton had won points at that rate we''d be on 36 points and 13th in the league right now. Hughton this season has 0.97 points per game, leaving us 17th in the league. The difference is massive.
  6. Anybody else feeling good that we''ve got the straight talking McNally of old back and sticking his face in front of the cameras? Anyone going to Fulham fancy starting "We''ve got McNally back", to the same tune as "We want our money back", to warm the cockles of us ticketless stream watching away day plastics?
  7. Is Snodgrass ugly?Just looks like a standard bloke to me. Plus none of that eyebrow plucking, chest waxing, three wet shaves a day only way is essex face moisturising rubbish and spending an hour in the morning sticking brylcream in your barnet. How long do you think Van Wolfswinkel would last walking around the east end of Glasgow?Rather look like Snoddy than a model from the front page of the Gay Times or a member of S Club 7 personally.
  8. I don''t think either team can have confidence in their ability to defend a 1-0 lead if the first goal is early, I think we can expect a high scoring game.
  9. I still desperately miss the Lambert years, it is hard to explain. I watch the Simeon Jackson goals, the 3-2 win against Derby, the Ipswich trashings including the Holt hat-tricks. The 2011-12 season review DVD, watching Fox look like Paul Scholes in this league - Holt getting one over on Terry and Ferdinand. Those highlights are enough to make my eyes a little watery. Makes me wonder what Snodgrass would be have been like in a Lambert team. I can''t remember a legendary striker quite like Holt, what a #9.  It hurts seeing him playing for Villa, probably a shadow of his former self but what a header - what I would pay to see Holty score one more bullet like that in the yellow and green. That goal hurt too. I know that good times will come again one day but the wounds appeared when Lambert left, and just got deeper and deeper, none of the wounds have been healed. How can they have been? We''ve been going backwards, with no new heroes. I hope that Sunday was the beginning of a new dawn, despite the terrible season it isn''t too late for somebody to make a hero of themselves this season. It''s a new start for us fans, and the players. Five games and the players have the chance to make themselves a cult hero - an Elmander winner Arsenal? Van Wolfswinkel last minute header against Man Utd? Hooper brace against Fulham? Pilkington coming back and showing us the form that he did last year and the year before?Literally overnight I''ve gone from feeling that our hapless manager and hopeless players are destined for the Championship, to wondering whether there is a hero amongst that squad ready to write themselves into history like Simeon Jackson..... 8 months of rubbish football and missed sitters could all be forgiven with one goal. Is a strange feeling, a small bit of belief that this time next month we could have finish this season with a hero. Things would be quite surreal if that hero was to turn out to be Beccio, or Fox, or even Elmander. If the players feel like that too, that any one of them could become a hero over the next 34 days, then we have to be in with a chance don''t we?
  10. If we lose at Fulham we can basically start planning our Championship season.We can get straight on the blower to Barry Fry about Britt Assombalonga...... 21 year old striker/winger with 20 goals this season in League One.
  11. It is also a worthwhile gamble in my view too. But I have no idea whether we will be better off or not.I''ve got a sense of excitement and nervousness today for the first time in months, nice to have it back.
  12. "We''re much better placed to have a view on this"Are we? I had no idea Fulham were terrible at defending set pieces, but Lambert and Holt obviously didn''t because they worked a goal out of a corner.Would Hughton set up to exploit a weakness in the opposition (OK so they failed to get a point, but mayve wouldn''t have if Benteke and Kozic were fit), or would he be focussing on nullifying the oppositions strengths, and in the words of the anonymous former player.... concentrating on not making a mistake?I''d hope that Adams has done his research, sure he will have, but if we line up without Snodgrass and with no height up front I will automatically assume that we haven''t.I''m getting a little nervous actually, although nervous is better than defeated before we''d even kicked a ball which is what I was feeling before away games before this change, feeling more emotion before a game this week than I have for a long time.
  13. I''m just worried that the lack of confidence is so severe that no man can change it.Who knows, they say "what a difference a day makes", and so maybe "what a difference a week makes".
  14. It was actually a silly thing to say because we could have Snodgrass on the left and Redmond on the right to the same effect.Redmond going on the outside more will win us more corners..... just that Snodgrass is so ineffective on the left, he often plays there for Scotland and is anonymous when he does. He will still be able to take the set pieces though.We have no idea what kind of state Pilkington is in physically and mentally though, he has been a huge loss this season but hasn''t looked interested. Think he has probably had his head turned by Swansea or Liverpool.... would be a huge player if it was just a Hughton rift, but is a liability of he isn''t interested.
  15. As for his tweet, how do we know that''s his real account?
  16. Chris Hughton is a likeable man who thought he was doing what was best for the club.I also believe that it was a stubborn and misguided belief that he was the best man for the job, but he cared and his emotions showed that. I think he has a lot to offer the game and think he will do a good job in the league below, as he has in the past, but doesn''t have enough strings to his bow to manage at this level.He could in a way be a McDermott or a Warnock, a great manager in the Championship but not somebody you would give a £30m budget to in the Premier League. If he is as humble as people say he is though then he should be able to reflect on his time here and learn a lot from his mistakes, it could improve him as a manager if he is prepared to accept some responsibility.He should also think much harder about who he appoints to assist him in future jobs, if Calderwood and Trollope go to Northampton then he should welcome the opportunity to develop relationships with other professionals.His failure here is his own. He doesn''t warrant abuse and never has, but he was warranted plenty of criticism and it is up to him whether he takes that criticism and uses that constructively or takes that criticism and uses it to paint a picture in his mind of being a victim.
  17. Not having a clue how Adams will set out, and Hughton being so predictable in his selection and game plan, should alone give us a better chance than we would have had under Hughton. I hope in Adams we have a manager who focuses more on the oppositions weaknesses than our own, because Fulham fans are basically telling us our game plan on their forum..... they conceded most of their goals from set pieces. Ironically last season with Holt in the team we scored most of our goals from set pieces (Bassong and Turner would chip in too), and now I never feel like a corner or indirect free kick will result in a goal.
  18. On whether their chances are greatly improved or hindered by Hughton''s sacking. Some think they are set to thrash us and others think we are going to get a honeymoon period.A couple of posters have said that the game will depend on which team wants it more, and I agree with that. We need to hope that our squad goes out feeling they have a point to prove and that Adams can get them up for this game.... we didn''t look like we wanted it enough against West Brom.The Norwich player who got mentioned the most was Snodgrass, apparently Fulham are terrible at defending set pieces and they are all scared of Snodgrass. Could of done with Holt in this game if that is the case, backing into people and winning a free kick every five minutes. If set pieces are their weakness, and assuming that this includes corners, then that makes me really wonder who we should pick for this game. The answer will probably be whoever has the hunger.... but despite wanting done with inverted wingers.... Redmond on the left high up the pitch winning corners, Snodgrass on the right winning and taking free kicks. Who up front though? We don''t really have a striker with aerial ability..... Becchio probably fits that description best. We''ve missed Kei Kamara in a way, or Grant Holt..... Grant showed at the weekend why we miss him, and why we''ve had games with double digit corners and no goals. Could set pieces and Becchio really be the answer?
  19. I was also getting concerned but feel a bit better after the press conference, feels like we are getting the old McNally back. I personally think that the club have a manager in mind for the summer and that''s why the were sticking with Hughton, hoping they wouldn''t need to sack him before summer.If I fancied a bet I''d put my money on Lennon.
  20. "But I still don''t understand why another teams developing 18 year olds are any better than ours who won the Youth Cup and are more than holding their own against the same players in the under 21s. Why did we give Harry Kane 5 games in our team and not Morris?"Is a fair question.... but worth pointing out that Harry Kane is almost 21 right now, and Morris is still 18, so in January 2013 when we signed Kane..... Morris had just turned 17.Basically two years between them. When you look at our achievements in the FA Youth Cup though am suprised we haven''t had more than one breakthrough, maybe next season we will see Loza and Morris (in this division hopefully).
  21. I said at the time that Harry Kane would probably go on to play for England.He was just far too young to make an impact here.... there has been 23 games and almost a full season between him being here and scoring last night, a long time for a 20 year old. He is in the Teddy Sheringham mould and look how long he went on.... reached his peak in his 30''s and was still playing into his 40''s. If given the straight choice between paying £3m for Wickham or £3m for Kane I''d choose Kane, will be the better player.
  22. "Bassong was not a hUghton man and may well have railed at RVW who short on appearances may well have stuck rigidly to Hughtons dictats"I think you may have this completely wrong. If I had to guess names of players gutted today Bassong will be one of them, and players relieved / excited by today would probably include RVW.Bassong left Spurs to join us because Hughton his former manager was here, and he in turn got made captain and one of the first names on the teamsheet even when playing badly. RVW on the other hand is clearly very frustrated by our tactics or lack of ability in the final third.
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