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  1. I''ve just posted something very similar.... the blame lies with the board. It wasn''t Hughton''s job to sack himself.
  2. Anybody who wants to lay even 0.1% of the blame on our relegation at Neil Adam''s door needs to find a bridge and jump off.I struggle even to blame Hughton, wasn''t his job to sack himself. The majority of fans knew this was going to happen, they were watching us implode in slow motion. The board need to look at themselves, and we need to look at them. I''d like to know whether they have ever had a vote on the subject of changing manager, and whether Stephen Fry was given a vote, and how or why anybody would ever think it a good idea for a group of people who are mostly clueless about football (some by admission) to be given a vote on that subject. If the decision to stick with Hughton was not taken by the board, then I''d like to know who did make that decision, and if it was McNally then I think he owes us an explanation as to why he didn''t go with the consensus of the fans and change manager before the transfer window.If it wasn''t McNally then I''d like to know who did make the decision, and why they made it. I''d also like to know why after having made the decision to stick with Hughton we didn''t then invest in the squad in January, despite being told there was money available, when all of our relegation rivals invested in players - including Fulham who brought in Holtby, twice instrumental in their wins against us this season. This season has been a disaster, but whatever way you look at it the blame leads back to the board for failing to recognise what most fans had by the end of November.  Serious questions have to be asked as to whether the board, or whoever they delegate football decisions to, are qualified to run the football side of a football business.Disaster.
  3. "I''m afraid that is one thing that is not debatable"I''m afraid it is completely debatable, we''d have got stuffed at Craven Cottage today if he''d been in charge.
  4. That''s us down, possibly even 19th.I feel strangely emotionless, been expecting this to happen for months. Was worth having one last throw of the dice.Not going to miss some of the players, I think we should probably send Elmander and Guiterrez home early, shame we can''t send Bassong back.
  5. Do wolfy really just pass to an invisible man, was it a ghost?
  6. We haven''t lost this yet, we will get a few more chances. I don''t have much confidence in us taking those chances, but they will come so no need for negativity just yet.
  7. I think Fulham will now try and protect their 1-0 lead and stick men behind the ball.Think we may need Hoolahan to help us keep composure in the final third.
  8. Fer needs to be taken off before he gets sent off.Not sure what else needs to happen but Hoolahan offers composure in the final third.Redmond''s decision making still letting him down, but balls over the top to a pacey player looks like part of our game plan and we don''t have anybody else to play that role unless he wants to take a punt on Murphy.Alternatively could go proper two up front and bring Hooper on.Hope there is a Plan B, is a pleasure to watch positive attacking football again, but Magath is no mug and will have sussed us by now.... this game is a bit like a game of chess.
  9. BroadstairsR, the defence worries me a bit too.But if it is true that we have scrapped inverted wingers, then perhaps RVW is the right choice (headers).As for Pilkington, I think this tells us all what has been pretty clear for a while - he has had enough and wants out, will be sold in the summer. Pilks has looked fed up ever since Swansea and Liverpool moves fell through (rumoured but likely true).
  10. Bassong has been a liability this season, deserved to lose his place no matter what his opinion on the Hughton sacking. Dropping your captain is also the easiest way to give somebody else the armband, should have been Russell Martin all along.
  11. Bassong and Elmander not in the 18 sends a huge statement.
  12. A lot of people have speculated that McNally has been holding out for a manager in the summer. The most popular theory is waiting for Lennon, or waiting for Malky to settle with Tan.Here''s another one for you... Roy Hodgson.Two facts:1) Formerly employed by McNally.2) Friends with Delia SmithAnd possibly not in a job after June.
  13. He wasn''t, he was sacked in December of the following season with Fulham in the relegation zone, and then they replaced him with Hodgson.Which incidentally is not a name we have heard touted, will he still be England manager after the World Cup?
  14. Could be a very good year for the region, starting with Luton getting promoted, us staying up.... Ipswich staying down.... and Peterborough, Southend and Cambridge in with a chance in the play-offs.
  15. Agreed Yobocop.Just interesting seeing the Fulham fans so on edge, at a time when Norwich fans seem to have found a bit of optimism. I hope this will be reflected in the stadium today and that our fans will be our (excuse the cliche) 12th man.
  16. Changed their tune a bit, because a lot of them were predicting a Fulham goals galore until waking up this morning. Their forum is showing more signs of nerves than ours, hope their players have woken up feeling similarly daunted!
  17. Don''t know why you are asking me, I''ve not really spent any time on it.I find all of big grant holts songs to be no more than mildly amusing, but couldn''t ever describe his voice or songwriting abilities to be "rubbish".
  18. Looking forward to hearing your song Yobocop, when can we expect it?
  19. "Kris Commons does very well and Snoddy is a level up on him" Think that''s debatable, Commons was a quality player down here too, would be happy if Lennon came down and brought Commons with him as a Wes replacement.
  20. Lakey.... Hughton was compared with Lambert and didn''t measure up. Adams will be compared with Hughton. I saw an interview with Alex Ferguson just before he retired and the interviewer said "no manager in the world will want to be the man who replaces Fergie, they will want to be the man who replaces the man that replaced Fergie". Adams is the man who replaces the man that replaced Lambert. I think you are being a bit facetious though, it is obvious that I am making clear reference to Hughton''s negative communication which focused on the strengths of other teams and seldom praised individuals. I can both compare Hughton to Lambert in that respect, I can compare Adams with Hughton, and I can also point out that so far Adams seems to signal a return to the way that Lambert used to motivate players. We all know that it isn''t a change welcomed by you, but it is a very welcome change with me.
  21. The point was that I shouldn''t say the word Lambert, even though the thread was clearly about Adams? Odd. Oh, and... Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert Lambert
  22. “He is a fantastic player and if he is on the pitch and gets enough of the ball then on his day he can win you a game" - Adams on Hoolahan “In terms of changing the line-up it is up to the players to force their way in" - Adams on squad players "He’s an excellent player and the more players we’ve got fit the better.” - Adams on Fer “I have spoken to him and he is a fantastic young man who desperately wants to play football. That is exactly the type of attitude we want" - Adams on E Bennett Shades of Lambert.
  23. "Yes it is, I''m good friends with Adam''s son who is a coaches with me at CSF" You obviously don''t like him then, if you would be willing to tell the world that he is a club leak and get him the sack - that''s what happens to leaks.
  24. "What on Earth has Becchio done to deserve such optimism?" True, but what has he done to deserve such pessimism? I think its too late for him now, must be massively ring rusty, but what has he had.... 2 starts since arriving 15 months ago? It is true that he has had no chances to impress. Considering we were prepared to wait 20 games for Elmander to start looking half decent, surely Becchio was worth more than 2 starts? I don''t think we will see either Elmander or Becchio start another game..... Adams will give Hoolahan a free role behind RVW or Hooper (hopefully Hooper), and we will see what a #10 is supposed to do. We''ve had a #10 at the club all along, I''m willing to put a tenner on Hoolahan being given a free role for the first time since Lambo was here.
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