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  1. Its obvious that Lambert is just making his two assistants unemployed because he wants to leave Villa at the end of the season and has learnt from his past mistake when we played hardball with Culverhouse and Karsa.That doesn''t mean he is coming here, or going anywhere, but it does mean that he is leaving Villa.... which was obvious (and why I posted the video of him losing the away fans).If I was given a £100 free bet and told to put it on Lambert''s next job I would whack £50 on Celtic and £50 on Sunderland. I''d love to see them all back here, but I can''t see it happening.
  2. "No. It''s just that I think you''re talking absolute rubbish"Fair enough. I think you are taking offense for the sake of taking offense, because you want an argument for the sake of having an argument. I take an interest in our academy by the way, doesn''t mean that I would know how to turn a Jarvis into a Sutton or a Loza into a Bellamy. As for the couple of managers since Worthy who "showed little interest at all in our academy", then feel free to spill the beans.... because seem to remember Glenn Roeder, Bryan Gunn and Peter Grant handing debuts to or using various kids such as Dean Sinclair, Kris Renton, Chris Martin, Rossi Jarvis, Korey Smith, Luke Daley, Andrew Cave Brown, Robert Eagle and Bally Smart.... They all seemed to know where to find the Under 18 squad! 
  3. What makes it good?I think that Ryan Jarvis in particular was mismanaged - get a game or two then nothing for six months. Should have been going out on loan when not required here. He had 4 years of not doing much at all between making his debut, weren''t until he was 20/21 that he went out to get games, and was then released. Often threw Henderson to the wolves as well, putting him in high pressure games at a very young age and he soon lost his confidence playing at Carrow Road, ended up doing well for Colchester but another case of mismanagement I think. Then there was the release of Paul Hayes without him ever kicking a ball for us despite twice scoring a brace against strong Arsenal teams in friendlies, ended up playing at a similar standard to us for a decade was a good player for a while. Why are you asking the question, Worthington as Norwich manager doesn''t actually appeal to you does it Nigel?
  4. The Portuguese league has a way of making players look world class when they are actually a bit pants, probably because most of the teams in the league are League One, bottom of Champs standard. How else can you explain £16m on Jose Bosingwa? The Eredivisie is exactly the same..... how else can you explain 23 goals last season for Jozy Altidore?You don''t get the time and space in this league that RVW was given in that video clip. He would probably get that time and space in the Championship, if we are prepared to take that gamble and he is willing to get lumps kicked out of him for a year. We just have to face up to the fact that the Premier League is the strongest league in the world and therefore many players from Eredivise, and Ligue 1, and the Bundesliga, and Portugal, just don''t make the grade when they arrive.Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi score twice as many goals as they would do if playing in this league, Suarez would be scoring as many as them if he was in La Liga. Premiership = toughest league in world. RVW = not good enough to look good in the toughest league in world.
  5. Got a lot of time for Worthy but he is not what we need.His record with youth players is not good either.... Ryan Jarvis and Ian Henderson not managed correctly early on, we don''t need somebody to ruin what is the best youth crop we have had for 20 odd years.
  6. City2nd..... Can we afford the £40k a week that he is probably on?
  7. BroadstairsR if you think we will get £25m to £30m for Snodgrass, Fer and Ruddy then you have a screw lose.£5m for each, tops. 20% of that is VAT if we sell to a British club.
  8. I think we should cash in on the following players:Ruddy, Bassong, Van Wolfswinkel, Pilkington, Fer, Garrido, Hoolahan Send back these players:Elmander, Guitterez, YoboRelease these players:Nash, FoxGive a new contract to these players:Bunn, Turner And go from there....
  9. Come to think of it Waveney.....Karsa and Culverhouse do something serious on purpose. Lambert sacks them. Then resigns at the end of the season.He doesn''t have to wait for a compensation wrangle between his new club and his old club to get his assistants.Plausible, but how do we know the new club is us? Lambert likes going to clubs that Martin O''Neill has managed.... and both Sunderland and Celtic are probably going to be in the market for a new manager.
  10. "Dare I be the first to say it, but everything seems to be moving slowly in a return of Lambert to Carrow Road"More like Lambert finding his trusted number two and three not being as loyal as he thought as soon as things get a bit tough, Culverhouse fancies getting into management and has approached us, Karsa has chosen Culverhouse over Lambert. If this is true McNally must have a grin on his face today, they get Steer and a washed up Holt and we get Culverhouse and Karsa.
  11. Rumour on villa forum that it was actually Lambert who ordered them off the training pitch and told them never to come back.I think Culverhouse approaching Norwich is plausible. Lambert finding out from somebody at the club. How much loyalty does Lambert expect from his ex-wifes brother and the man who did all the tactics. I find this all terribly exciting, what does Lambert do now without Culverhouse and his iPad?
  12. I sometimes see Adrian Coote at games, does that help?
  13. I looked at the post, don''t get what you are saying though.Steve Bruce has an EPL job.How does admiring Hull''s manager help us in any way?
  14. Tell me why?Because we have a board member that he doesn''t get on with?Some would say that is easily solved.
  15. This happened yesterday:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPN7VSAO3vkThose are Villa away fans, that is a mutiny. He won''t survive that level of fan pressure.When he gets sacked at the end of this season he will probably need to get a job in the Championship or with Celtic if Lennon leaves, his stock has fallen somewhat it seems. Norwich and Sunderland will probably be the most attractive jobs out there for sacked lower table EPL managers. Two years ago he was held in similar esteem to Brendan Rodgers, how quickly things change. It seems now that he is held in high esteem in Norfolk, and in Glasgow, and in Dortmund, and nowhere else.So what could previously have been thought unthinkable must surely be considered a possibility? McNally and Lambert may have fallen out, but with one now fighting to save his own job, and the other going to be fighting to save his managerial reputation before he becomes just another also ran, maybe we could be a match made in heaven?Summary: Watch the video, Lambert is f*cked.
  16. Do we want to keep all of these players? There are quite a few that I''d be happy to see gone.Bassong, Van Wolfswinkel, Elmander, that''s a good start.I will regret not seeing Fer reach his obvious potential, but we only need players with the bottle and willingness to get kicked every week to get us back. Anybody who doesn''t fancy it should be off.We need to rebuild the team and recreate the team spirit and unity that we had under Lambert, that''s what it takes to get promoted. I want us to keep all the players who genuinely want to be part of our future under a new manager and who are prepared to go to war to get us back, any player who has their agents out busy finding their next payday can f*ck off. There are probably quite a few players who are undecided until they know who the next manager is. We will soon find out which rats want to jump the sinking ship, and which ones want to stay loyal, just like last time.We need to build a team around people like Russell Martin, Bradley Johnson and Elliott Bennett, the club should be doing everything in their power to try and persuade Michael Turner to stay too.
  17. I think that the OP makes a very good broad point about the lack of leadership on the pitch, which has been evident all season.Most other teams have some very obvious leaders, usually experienced players. We have been crying out for a Kevin Nolan or a Scott Parker in midfield all season. If Craig Bellamy had been fit all season then Cardiff would probably be higher up the league.The OP is correct that on the pitch at least we have lacked leadership, even just a convincing and universally respected captain. I actually think the problem originates with us giving Bassong the captaincy, how Hughton thought he made a good captain is beyond me, he may be the teachers pet but he doesn''t strike me as the players choice.I think Russell Martin or Michael Turner would have been the players choice, and when Grant Holt left he tweeted that Russell Martin was his choice for next captain. Hughton hasn''t given it to a Lambert player because he wanted to impose his authority, and in the process he has destroyed the only thing which made us punch above our weight and achieve unexpected results in our first two seasons - the team spirit and unity.Bassong is a joker with nothing much good to say, can hardly speak English, isn''t consistent on the pitch and doesn''t seem to have a great enough reading of the game to be taken seriously when he attempts to bark at team mates.One good thing about relegation is that Bassong will probably be gone, back to France probably as two relegations in three seasons leaves his reputation damaged now. I won''t miss him at all.The first step is to get a natural born leader in the managers chair, somebody who understands all to well the importance of having leaders on the pitch, and that''s what attracts me Malky Mackay.
  18. Neither player has a shred of confidence left after both showing glimpses of quality early in the season (Hooper more so than RVW).Wonder whether we should just stick Becchio up front.... hasn''t been exposed to the pressure, nothing to lose, point to prove.
  19. "You have to think of their lack of loyalty at Leeds,especially Becchio and Howson"Howson 226 games over 6 seasons, Becchio 221 games over 5 seasons. Do players at Leeds have to sign away their life, promising to be a one club man until they physically can''t kick a ball? Your club needed the £3m you got for Howson, and Warnock didn''t like having Becchio around. Your clubs lack of ambition is at fault, not the players. If the players believed that your club had ambitions to get out of the Championship they would have stayed. "Out of the four Snoddy was the only one that was ever going to fit in the prem"Snodgrass + Howson = good enough for this league if playing for a progressive manager (e.g. not Hughton).Johnson = Punching above his weight, but have to admire his energy, Championship player but better than any centre mid you currently have. You played him left midfield, which is a complete joke.  Becchio = Who the f*ck knows what he could have done. Two starts in 15 months since arriving, how on earth does anybody know whether he could have stuck a few in the onion bag?
  20. Rob Whites.... you are the one wishing ill of four former Leeds players.Why would you be glad to see the Snodgrass, Johnson, Howson and Becchio fail? If it weren''t for them you would probably still be stuck in League One. You don''t see Norwich fans speaking ill of Grant Holt or Chris Martin. We know what you are Rob Whites!!
  21. "back your team"What by doing something like defending Pilkington''s record and ability, before having some argumentative pr*ck argue over some pointless minutia?
  22. Bore off. Are you Lakey in disguise?
  23. And I know that he came back from injury three months ago.
  24. But I think he wants out.But I know he wants out. What be the difference between those two sentences Brienne, you twit?
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