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  1. "£60mill over four years. Roughly evenly distributed" Completely wrong, it isn''t evenly distributed at all as the first year payment is £23m. The second year payment is a little less. Then the third and fourth year are less than half that amount. So we basically have two seasons of being able to keep a competitive squad, if we aren''t promoted in those two seasons then we will be out of this league for a decade again probably.
  2. Snodgrass by a country mile.Even when struggling early in the season he was giving 100% week in week out.Love a player who plays with his heart on his sleeve, yes he was pants for a few months but he didn''t let his head drop or hide, he kept going and things have gone his way a bit more in the last few months.If we had 11 players with his drive and passion we wouldn''t be in this mess, however clueless the manager.
  3. "Adams retired 13 years ago if he had a burning desire to be a manager he would have gone and done it somewhere" Some of the best managers in the game have taken a similar route by working their way through the ranks and stepping up, including Brendan Rodgers and Jose Mourinho. In fact Adams is much earlier to the job than Chris Hughton was when he took control of Newcastle. So stupid comment. Adams won the FA Youth Cup last season, an amazing achievement in an age when the top six or seven clubs are going out and paying a million quid for 15 year olds.
  4. The fans were right behind the team today, flabbergasted that anybody could suggest otherwise, felt like we had our club back.
  5. If the club had listened to the fans in December the club wouldn''t be in this mess, so don''t start finding ways to blame the fans for the clubs failure to get our of the mess that they could have avoided. As for the fans letting down the supporters in the first half, we were 2-0 down in 11 minutes and the fans were getting well behind the team before the break FFS!! Haven''t seen that happen since Lambert years!
  6. I think LDC should get enrolled into the hall of fame, if it weren''t for this thread telling 26000 people what to do we''d have lost 7-1.
  7. "and reported to the club"And he 100% definitely will give a sh*t about that won''t he, only owns about 20% of the club.
  8. "Oh ................ and isn''t hindsight a wonderful thing" Oh because nobody raised this issue just after the window closed did they, you twerk.http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/3064640/ShowPost.aspx
  9. Our record against the top 7 teams is terrible this season, far far worse than it was last season, and worse than it was in Lamberts season.We can''t keep referring to the 10 game unbeaten run to give us hope, that is almost ancient history now and we don''t even have the same squad.
  10. They will have my support at Carrow Road.You aren''t one of those people who think that pinkun forum posts are making us lose games are you? Thought that was only Lake District Canary.
  11. Whatever happens this season there are just so many questions that we need answers to from the board.The media thought that sacking Hughton with 5 games to go was ridiculous, but the most ridiculous thing happened in January. After deciding to stick with our manager despite the majority of fans wanting a change, and with us clearly in a relegation fight, we failed to spend any money.A lot of people are saying that they want the board to remain at the club and get us back up, would it be too much to ask for some clarification on why the club felt it OK for us not only to stick with a failing manager but failing to back him in any meaningful way? We must surely have been the only club in the bottom half to not have done one of the following things by the end of January:1) Change their manager2) Back their manager but spend money Look at the impact that Jelavic and Long have had at Hull. Perhaps the only other club to do this have been Villa, that saw them slide down the league too.I find it difficult to blame Hughton entirely for our complete f*ck up of a season, I''d need to know more about what happened in January, after being told by McNally that we''d retained some money for that window.Guiterrez and Yobo representing the sum total of our fight against the increasingly inevitable. Two journeymen well past their best, on loan, one who has had injury problems all season.What kind of a fight was that? We need answers about this.
  12. As soon as we lost to Fulham I thought we''d be in with a shot for 20th place.Probably our rightful position really, how can we claim to deserve to be above Fulham and Cardiff if we couldn''t beat them this season? Think we got 1 point off the pair of them.
  13. Four players who are likely to put a second Premier League relegation on their CV this season.Out of 8 players at the club who had Premier League experience before joining us, 4 have been relegated from this league.Apparently we needed Premier League experience, and this is what Hughton brought (all 8 players signed by Hughton!). I''m not so sure, where are the leaders in this bunch?BunnBassong TurnerGutierrezElmanderGarridoOlssonYoboI honestly wouldn''t care if all except Turner left this summer. Probably unrealistic to sell two left backs, so one of Garrido or Olsson will probably stay, but are these the players that have stood up to be counted for us this season?When Lambert left, was it really players with "Premier League experience" that we needed? History has shown us that clubs fail when they begin to fill their squads with overrated and overpaid journeymen at the expense of their promoted squads. Are we really happier with Gutierrez, Elmander, and Garrido then we would have been with Surman, Martin, and Tierney?Sorry but Norwich fans, myself included, all bought into the Premier League hype and lost sight of what we were - which was a close knit team of players who gave 100% for the shirt, who thrived on being the underdog and proving people wrong. Now we have got a bunch of passionless journeymen who care more about being on Premier League wages and will all probably be on the look out to join any club who can keep them on match of the day.Shove your "Premier League experience" up your backside.
  14. "Mackay spent a lot on promotion, around £35 million"How on earth did Malky spend £35m on promotion? Think you have got your wires crossed mate, he spent £35m after promotion. Which shouldn''t be an issue should it? They were 12th when he was sacked. He didn''t spend much at all on getting out of the Championship. Malky rebuilt the Cardiff squad with these transfers and got them promoted:Lewis               FreeKiss                £500kMutch             £2m Velikonja        £1.6mBo-Kyung       £2mHelguson        FreeBellamy          FreeConnolly         £500kSmith              £300kNoone             £1mMaynard        £2.5mCampbell        £500kLappin            FreeAbout £9m, but he''d got rid of Darcy Blake, Anthony Gerrard, Kenny Miller, Tom Heaton, Lee Naylor, Jon Parkin, and Robert Earnshaw in the summer.Rebuilt the squad and took them up, and then he spent big money. Noticeable how Mutch, Noone and Campbell have been playing regularly this season, only cost £3m in total.
  15. "But getting the ball into the opponents penalty box ASAP could hardly be negative"That surely isn''t your description of Hughtons tactics is it Nigel? If he was route one then I am route 66. Hughton played Route Zero.
  16. And it was only 4 players at home, usually 3 away from home!
  17. I''ve never known a manager as negative as Chris Hughton, for any club anywhere. Even Wimbledon would at least pump the ball into the opposition box.
  18. I think it is funny.It is also great, if that is what he wants to do. He isn''t the first, or even second, Norwich player to become a man of the church though. We''ve already had a couple. And there have been loads of footballers go into religion. We also have two or three devout church going Christians in our squad right now, and I''ll leave that for you to work out who they are. I''m a catholic by the way. Are you? If not, then why can I find it funny if you can''t?
  19. Did you not see the football that Cardiff played in the Championship last season? The claims that he spent millions on promotion is also wide of the mark, and easy to use the Cornelius example as why he shouldn''t be appointed. Nobody seems to have mentioned the £500k purchase of Frazier Campbell, who scored 7 in 12 in their run in last season..... and has more goals than Gary Hooper this season.
  20. The fluke claim was already ridiculous, you didn''t make it ridiculous.
  21. Not a church, but a cathedral, the Roman Catholic one. Did you ever see him at a pub?
  22. If we want to get promoted we need a manager with a track record of getting in the Championship play offs or winning automatic promotion.Malky is one. I can''t think of many others.
  23. "but funny it isn''t"Funny it is. Then again, you live in your lake district bubble, and I used to see him in the pubs at closing time.
  24. "Shagging bimbos, drinking ad nauseam, driving fast cars is not what sane people do long term"What you need Lakey is viagra, a mid-life crisis, and a few bottles of vintage red. You are only as old as you feel my man.
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